'On Behalf Of' Overview

A description of the 'On Behalf Of' field and activity attribution in Adapt.

Written by Jackie Read
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There is a field available in all activities performed throughout Adapt called 'On Behalf Of'. This was introduced to help Adapt users attribute activities run in Adapt to another user if required. This can be either the person running the activity, or the 'Owning Consultant' of the record.

When running any of the activities in Adapt, e.g. 'Log a Phone Call', create 'New Perm Job' etc., the Adapt User populated in the 'On Behalf Of' field will be the user the activity is attributed to.
Note: Activity attributes can be seen when viewing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in Adapt or by running reports such as Activity Analysis, Phone Call Analysis or the Job Activity By User report.

Adapt traditionally reports on activity data by the logged in user. It continues to do so by default and the On Behalf Of fields are populated with the logged in user's name. However, if an Adapt user wishes to log their activity on behalf of another person, the user has the option to populate the On Behalf Of field to the Recruiter, either by default or by manually selecting them. If users want to change how activity attribution is set by default in Adapt, please refer the following article:

This option might be used if, for example, a Recruitment Resourcer is carrying out recruitment activities on behalf of the Recruiter but the data being entered needs to be recorded as an activity under the Recruiter's name. 

Note: It is important to note that this field is not mandatory and is not intrusive for users who do not wish to use it. Adapt users can continue to use the system as is.

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