Phone Calls Analysis Report

A description of the Phone Calls Analysis report.

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This reports allows an analysis of phone calls showing a breakdown of phone calls by Region, Office, Team or Consultant for a date range. It finds all (Contact and Candidate) phone calls made and received between the date range entered:

Call Types

  • Call Made

  • Call received

  • Called Left Message

  • Called No Answer 

Please note that Canvass Calls are included within Calls Made. The report displays the results split into Candidate and Contact calls.

The report can compare the user's activity against their targets.
Targets should be set against activities to allow actuals to be reported against targets. Please contact your Erecruit representative for more information on targets.

To run the report:

  • Click on the report name to launch the input screen.

  • Enter the criteria for the report (mandatory fields are highlighted in red).

  • Choose how to Report By:

  1. Who ran the Activity (the logged in User)

  2. Who was the Activity Attributed To (the Owning Consultant) Note: This is set when using the 'On Behalf Of' feature in Adapt:

  • Select the required format.

  • Click Confirm to run the report.

Note: For a date range, the start date will need to be a Monday and the end date a Sunday. This is so the system can calculate the weeks / months and quarters correctly.

For a date range, 

You can Filter by:

  • Region of the User who ran the workflow

  • Office of the User who ran the workflow 

  • Team of the User who ran the workflow

  • User who ran the workflow

  • Client (of the contact who called/was called)

  • Call type (choose from: All, Calls made, Calls received, Called Left Message, Called No Answer).

  • Target period - defines against which period of target activity (choose from Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Yearly) should be compared). If this is used, Target data will be shown. If not used, no target data will be shown.

You can choose to Group the report presentation by:

  • Client

  • Consultant 

You can Sort by (defines first sorting order):

  • Client

  • Call Type

  • Date 

Note: To check the owning Region, Team and Office of the workflow, look at the Consultant who carried out the activity (use the journal entry) and check their Region, Team and Office. 

If the report is run without any grouping, you get a list of Contact Calls using:

  • Person id

  • Name

  • Client

  • Consultant

  • Date of Call

  • Time of Call

  • Call Type

  • Notes (of the call)

  • Follow Up Date

  • Follow Up Time 

with totals for All calls, calls made, canvass calls and calls received followed by the same information for Candidate Calls.

When grouping by Client, the report shows a list of Contact Calls using Person id, Name, Client, Consultant, Date of Call, Time of Call, Call Type, Notes (of the call), Follow Up Date and Follow Up Time with totals for All calls, calls made, canvass calls and calls received (as above) followed by the same information for Candidate Calls for each client. The same information is shown for each Candidate when grouping by ‘Candidate’.

When you want to look at Actual vs Target information, this can be done by Team or Consultant. Select a Target period for the report (e.g. Quarterly) and a Consultant (in this example Jread) and you get:

A graph for the owning team of jread (in this case JackieTeam) showing their calls made and canvass calls against the Target figures followed by a breakdown of the call figures and a Report Summary showing Totals.

Note: You cannot get Target information by Office or Region.

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