LinkedIn Recruiter System connect with Adapt

LinkedIn RSC integrates with Adapt. Details on the features and advantages are described here.

Written by Jackie Read
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LinkedIn's new Recruiter System Connect allows you to see up-to-date LinkedIn profiles within Adapt.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integrates LinkedIn Recruiter with your Adapt account to make your hiring process even simpler. By turning on RSC, you’re authorizing the sharing of some candidate, job, and application data across Recruiter and Adapt. It enables you to get up-to-date candidate information, boost collaboration, and access more applicant data in Recruiter.

Please note: Recruiter System Connect is only compatible with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate or LinkedIn Professional Services.

If you have a Recruiter Licence and you want to set up the integration with your Adapt system, please contact your Bullhorn Representative who will explain the process to you.

Details on the set-up are also available from LinkedIn here:

For details on the features available see the article here:

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