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How to set up and use the LinkedIn RSC Integration with Adapt
How to set up and use the LinkedIn RSC Integration with Adapt

Users of LinkedIn RSC can integrate seamlessly with Adapt. Access & create Adapt Candidates from LinkedIn & automate LI activities to Adapt.

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LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect Integration with Adapt

LinkedIn RSC seamlessly integrates with Adapt, saving time switching between systems and allows users to see up-to-date LinkedIn profiles within Adapt. This prevents erroneous data and allows users to easily differentiate applicants with similar information. 

Users will need to hold a ‘Recruiter’ licence with LinkedIn to use the integration with Adapt. For details on this and the features and functionality LinkedIn Recruiter offers, please contact your LinkedIn representative, or view the information on their website:

Setting up the Integration

Users of Adapt who hold a LinkedIn Recruiter licence can integrate with the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC). A user will need to have 'Admin Settings' on the relevant LinkedIn Contract to set up the integration with Adapt. Please contact your Erecruit representative for details on setting up the integration.

Details on the set-up are also available from LinkedIn here:

Using Linked RSC within Adapt

Once the integration has been successfully set-up, users will be able to login to LinkedIn RSC using a page in the Candidate record called ‘LinkedIn Profile. Use your LinkedIn Recruiter login and password to gain access:

Once logged in, users can view the LinkedIn Candidate profile from within Adapt.
Note: The Adapt Candidate MUST have an Email address, First Name and Last Name to ensure it is uploaded to LinkedIn.

This page also gives access to other recruiter functions such as ‘Send InMail and ‘Save to Project’. Use the View in Recruiter button to go into LinkedIn as your Recruiter profile:

If no exact match is made on the Candidate name and email address, a list of suggestions will be made for selection.

Users can also view the LinkedIn 'flyout' information from the LinkedInCode icon on the Profile page of the Candidate record.

Accessing Adapt Candidate records from within LinkedIn

Users can also access Adapt Candidate records from within their LinkedIn Recruiter account.
Note: The Adapt Candidate MUST have an Email address, First Name and Last Name to ensure it is uploaded to LinkedIn.

Job and Application data is passed from Adapt to LinkedIn, meaning that LinkedIn Recruiters can now see information on :-

  • Past Applicants 

  • Status of Job applications

  • Application feedback

When viewing a set of search results in LinkedIn, Recruiter users can see if the Candidate exists in Adapt (shown here as In Bond UK - Development). Hover over this text to show details of the record in Adapt including shortlist and interview information:

Click on View all Information to see Adapt information in the following tabs:

  • Information

  • Interview Feedback

  • Notes

  • Job & statuses

Clicking on the Candidate’s name from the information tab of the flyout will take the user directly into the Adapt record for that person (via the Adapt login screen if not already logged in):

Creating new Candidates in Adapt from LinkedIn

New Candidates are automatically created in Adapt using the basic profile details shown on a LinkedIn Recruiter’s InMail reply from a Candidate. A scheduled API call is made at multiple points throughout the day to check for any new Candidate InMail replies. Adapt will record that the Candidate has been created from LinkedIn in the Journal record.
Important Note: A Candidate that responds to an InMail must agree to share their details with LinkedIn before this will happen.


Users can also choose to export (and create) Candidates manually against a Job in Adapt by using the Export button (Note: LinkedIn have ensured the one-click Export button will only be shown on Candidates who have agreed to their Terms & Conditions).

Users should ensure the Candidate will be exported to the correct ATS (Applicant Tracker System) by using Change ATS:

  • Select the correct system (Adapt) from the “Select an ATS” drop-down menu.

  • Select the relevant Adapt Job from the “Select a job” drop-down menu (See *Important Note below).

  • Click on the Export button.

*Important Note: In order for an Adapt Job to be uploaded to LinkedIn for selection, it must have the following fields completed:

  • Job Title

  • At least 100 characters of the job description in the ‘LONG DESCRIPTION’ field on the Multi-poster page

  • City/Town and County -or- City/Town and Country in the address fields shown on the Job Details page

The Candidate will then get created in Adapt and automatically shortlisted to that Job.

Back in Adapt

Adapt will create the new Candidate and update the New Candidates Studio showing the Original Source as LinkedIn. From here the user can link through to view the record.

The Journal record will show the Candidate has been imported from LinkedIn and the date and time of the import. 

Viewing LinkedIn profiles from Adapt search results

From a search result in Adapt, users are able to see which Candidates have a LinkedIn profile by adding the LinkedInCode field to the Formatter Tool. This is indicated by the LinkedIn icon:

When hovering on the icon the user is able to view the Candidate's profile as a flyout:

LinkedIn Deletion Notices

Using the LinkedIn 1-Click Export Deletion API, LinkedIn now provides Adapt with a notice when a LinkedIn member whose data has been imported into Adapt later deletes their LinkedIn member account.

Adapt will consume these notices from LinkedIn, and delete the relevant Candidate's LinkedIn URL at the same time. A Task will be created for the Candidate’s Owning Consultant and a Journal record created against the Candidate record to help Adapt users determine if any action is required with regards to the data being processed.

"Candidate deletion of LI profile URL notified from LI. Permission should be obtained to continue processing candidates data"

Support for deletion of LinkedIn Candidate Notes in Adapt

Adapt already automatically details any Notes made in a LinkedIn Candidate profile to the Journal of the relevant Candidate record in Adapt. LinkedIn has functionality that allows Recruiters to delete Candidate Notes in the LinkedIn UI, and this change is reflected in Adapt.

When the LinkedIn Recruiter deletes Notes on a Candidate exported to Adapt, the corresponding Journal record containing these notes is now deleted in Adapt.

Attaching LinkedIn activities to Adapt Candidate Journal records

Within LinkedIn Recruiter, users can create Candidate ‘Notes’ and send and receive ‘InMail’s’ from within a Candidate profile. 

A scheduled API call is made at multiple points throughout the day to check for any new Candidate ‘Notes’ or 'InMail' correspondence. Adapt will then look up the appropriate Candidate record in the database and attach these details to their Journal record with a date and time stamp.

The user can click on the hyperlink to see the details:

By using Adapt Journal Filters users can create customised filters from the list of available workflows, apply a date range and save the filter with a name of their choice. This can help to view all new LinkedIn Note retrievals for instance: 

Once the filter is applied, only LinkedIn Notes (in this example) will be displayed. The user can use ‘Clear Filter’ when required.

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