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How to Create new Temp Shift Jobs using RTDs
How to Create new Temp Shift Jobs using RTDs

How to create a new Temp Shift Job using an RTD

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

From a Contact record, use the activity or icon for New Temp Job and choose Temp Shift Job.

  1. Choose the Job category (and Rate category and Band if applicable) for the job being created. The Job title is generated from this information but is editable. Confirm whether a break is paid.

  2. Choose the Rate Time Definition Type to be used (this will be picked up from the Client or Framework record). 

  3. The Which rates to use? options are made available according to the Job Category/Rate Category and Band above. For instance, if a rate has been set up for a job category of Accountant Qualified with a rate category of General in an Agency framework then the Standard Agency Rates option will be made available if those are input. Select which rates to use:

  • New Job Rates – A user can create new rates for the Job if required at this point.

  • Standard Agency Rates – This will show any Agency frameworks.

  • Framework Agreement Rates – This will show any Framework Agreement frameworks.

  • Client Specific Rates – This will show any Client frameworks.

Note: See How to Create a Framework for further definition.

   4. Finally, select the Framework required. This will be made selectable based on the        Job Category and Which rates to use? input above.

The Primary Job Category is mandatory, as before and relates to AWR. Select Next. The New Temp Job Rates for that Rate Matrix will now be displayed:

Click Confirm.

To view how to create a Temp Shift Job using NO RTD click here.

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