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How to Create Shift Time Definitions for Shift Types
How to Create Shift Time Definitions for Shift Types

Defining the working hours of a Shift Type.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Shift Time Definitions are different to Rate Time Definitions and can be used when creating a Temp Shift Job. 

For each Company record in Adapt, shifts can be pre-defined to make it quicker and easier to add requirements for temporary staff. For example, a company may have an AM shift which is from 8am to 12pm and a PM shift from 1pm to 5pm. These shift time definitions are set in the Client record on the Time Definition page:

Select ‘Add/Update Shift Time’. Choose the shift type, start & end times, whether overnight, what time period in minutes the break is and whether it is a paid break.
Click Confirm to create.

On shift creation, users can choose the Shift Type and the start/end times and breaks will automatically load according to the shift time definition for that Shift Type.

Note: The Shift Type code group is modifiable allowing users to create their own. Please ask your Erecruit representative for further information.

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