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How to Link a Client to a Framework
How to Link a Client to a Framework

How to link Frameworks to Clients. Viewing Clients linked to Frameworks, and Frameworks linked to Clients. Copying Frameworks.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

When a user has set up a framework, it needs to be linked to a Client. If it is a framework agreement like the NHS, users may be able to link many of their Clients to use this framework. If rates change within this NHS framework it is easy to amend or uplift existing rates and once done, the changes will filter down to all clients and jobs using these rates from the effective start date of the changes.

Similarly, when it is an Agency framework, many Clients can be linked. If it is a Client specific framework, again it will be easy to uplift or change rates for any job categories which in turn will filter down to all jobs.

The Linked Clients section on the Summary page of a Framework record shows all current Clients linked to this framework. To link a Client, just use the Link Client button, select the Client and Framework required and Confirm.

Use the Create a Copy of Existing Framework button to create a copy of a framework into a Client specific framework. 

Choose the Client you want to copy to, then the framework you want to copy. Name the new framework and select specific Job and Rate categories if preferred. There are options to copy the Job Category/Rate Category structure (without financial information) and apply the (framework) Rate Time Definition to the Client.

To unlink a Client, select the relevant Client and use the Unlink Client button to unlink them from this framework.

It is possible to batch link clients to a framework from a client search results. Run a Client search and save your results. Select the relevant records and use ‘Batch’, Link Clients to Framework:

In the Client record, Financial Information Page there is a Frameworks section which shows all the linked frameworks for that Client. From here, recruiters can link the Client to their newly created Framework, create new frameworks, create copies of existing frameworks and unlink clients from frameworks.

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