Right to Restrict Processing

How to temporarily stop processing the data of a person in Adapt, whilst it is being reviewed.

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The ICO says:

“Individuals have the right to restrict the processing of their personal data where they have a particular reason for wanting the restriction. This may be because they have issues with the content of the information you hold or how you have processed their data. In most cases you will not be required to restrict an individual’s personal data indefinitely, but will need to have the restriction in place for a certain period of time.”

Any inaccurate data held on a person record can be corrected by editing their record or editing the journal notes.

If the Agency wants to temporarily stop processing the data of a person whilst it is being reviewed, they can use the Restrict Processing workflow in Adapt. This is accessible from the GDPR shortcut icon or Compliance page on a person record:

On Confirm, Adapt will make same checks for duplication as above and create a skeleton record showing the following:

Users can see a name and ID and can Lift Restriction or Stop Processing (this will initiate the 'hard' delete of 'Remove from Database' detailed within the Right to Erasure article) the Individual from here by using the links. 

Note: If duplicates are found, they will also be moved into RESTRICTED mode. When lifting the restriction, users will be asked if they want to reinstate all duplicates or not?If they choose to not re-instate these, the duplicates will be left in RESTRICTED mode and just the master record will be reinstated. This is an effective way of cleansing the database of duplicates.

These records can be found by using a new role type of RESTRICTED when using QuickFind:

Note: A user cannot continue with job activity for a Candidate whilst they are in RESTRICTED mode. If the Candidate is working in a current assignment, the user will not be able to restrict them. 

Use the GDPR Notifications Studio to monitor. 

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