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Applying filters, adding columns, Studio settings, running workflow from Studios, expanding sections, updating the performance widget.

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Log into Adapt and select ‘My Adapt’, ‘My Studios’. There is a list of standard ‘System’ studios listed on the right hand side.

Navigating and filtering is generic throughout studios, so the main features are explained here.

Applying filters to the studios

Each studio has a standard view but the information displayed can be filtered to display content which is specific to the user's requirements. The default filters available are:

  • Regions - (Multiple Regions can be selected)

  • Offices- (Multiple Offices can be selected)

  • Teams- (Multiple Teams can be selected)

  • Consultants- (Multiple Consultants can be selected)

  • Show Retired Users - Yes or No  

For example, to select the data from a team or multiple teams, click on the

field next to Team. Select the team(s) required from Available Options and using the arrows move them across to Selected Options. Once done, use the tick to confirm and filter the data.

Note: Please be aware that these filters are not currently applied to the performance widgets.

Other filters include

  • Show Retired Users - A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ selection field is available on all widgets and studios. This enables users to filter results more efficiently by not showing old users.

  • Job created – a selection of dates when the job was created.

Adding columns of information into a studio

Each studio allows the user to add or remove columns of information, which will change the display of what they see. There are default fields available in each studio which a user can choose from.

Click onto the metrics drop down icon

to open the field picker:

Select the field(s) required from Available Options and using the arrows move them across to Selected Options. Once done, use the tick to confirm and filter the data. The newly selected fields will be displayed within the studio. A number will be displayed within the field picker field to show how many fields are being displayed. 

Studio Settings

Users can refresh the data included in any studio at any time. This will ensure any newly created records are included. Users can also print out or export the studio information.

Open the relevant studio and click on the settings icon on the menu bar. The options will display:

Gives a summary of what the studio displays

 Allows the user to minimize the widget

To change studio colours, select the Change Colours option. Choose the required colours from the colour palette. Users can change the border and the text colour.  

Click OK to save the changes. The new colours selected will be displayed.

Running workflow from the studio

Users can run workflow directly from within a studio. Within relevant studios, click on the downward facing arrow

to display the available workflow.

Select the relevant workflow and complete the details. Click Confirm. The workflow will complete and the user will be taken back to the studio. 

Please note that different workflow is available, depending on the studio.

Users are also able to create their own studios. See the Creating Custom Studios article.

Studio Icons

Some studios have icons available to run processes. In this example from ‘Pending AWR Requests’,the icon can be selected to send a response to a request.

Expanding a section

Use the 

symbol to expand a section and see further detail .

Updating the Performance widget

If the Performance widget is present in any studio the user should always update the results by using the ‘Update Performance’ button. The performance widget will always keep the previous update visible so it is important this is used within each studio to ensure the performance data displayed is relevant to the current Studio. 

For a list of Standard Studios in Adapt, click here:

For details on how to create your own Studio, click here:

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