Key Information Document for Agency Workers in Adapt

How can I provide a Key Information Document ( KID ) for my Agency Workers using Adapt?

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Key Information Document - KID

From 6 April 2020, employment businesses must give all new agency workers a Key Information Document before agreeing terms with an employment business.

In practice, this means a key information document will need to be one of the first things an employment business gives agency workers. As it will be given before agency workers agree terms, the key information document is not intended to be fully representative of contractual terms that agency workers may subsequently agree to. 

The key information document is intended to improve transparency of information for agency workers, particularly around pay. It will give agency workers more immediate access to key pay related information before agreeing terms with an employment business and a clear idea of how any fees and deductions will affect their pay. 

How can Adapt help with this new process?

The Adapt system already has the functionality to create and send Compliance and Onboarding items in Adapt, so Creating an Item for for the KID and attaching the document to it, means it can easily be sent when Onboarding/Registering new Candidates in Adapt.

  1. Create an Item

Using the Adapt Manager or Administrator profile, users can create their own Compliance or Onboarding items which can be assigned to a Candidate record. To create a new item, use the 'Compliance & Onboarding' menu tab, and select Create Item:

This is an example of settings that might be used for a Key Information Document (KID) Item:

2. Attach the Key Information Document to the Item

From the newly created Onboarding Item record, select the drop down arrow on the menu, and click the paperclip icon to open the Document Library:

Select the Onboarding Documents category, and click on the Add Document button. Navigate to the location of your document, add a description, then click ‘Upload Documents’ to add it:

For reference, the template examples used in this guide can be found here: 

3. Assign and send the Item to a Candidate

To allocate the item to an individual Candidate, open the Candidate record, and navigate to the ‘Compliance & Onboarding’ page.

Click on the ‘Assign Item’ button, look up the Item by name, select and Confirm:

Once added, select the item and use Email Doc to send the document to the Candidate. Pick the required template from the list, and modify the email address and subject if required before selecting Confirm:

Add any additional documentation if required using the 'aquire' icon.

Edit the document with the Candidate information as necessary by clicking on the attachment. Save and close the document then Send the email when ready:

Note: Users can modify the email and document in their email client before sending. Email templates can also be modified as required. Please ask your Erecruit representative for further information on updating templates.

The sent email and edited KID will will be saved in the Candidate Journal:

Further information on assigning Onboarding Items can be found here:

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