Adapt Payroll Export updates for IR35

Adapt Payroll export changes to Tempaid, RSM InTime, the Standard Payrun and Bureau for IR35.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Changes to Payroll Exports in Adapt

The 5 standard payroll integrations within Adapt have all been amended slightly to enable the IR35 status of Contract Assignments to be indicated and exported.

Users will still need to obtain the relevant details relating to the PAYE type, such as NI Number, Limited Co. etc.

Running the ‘Convert to PAYE’ activity in Adapt, no longer clears Non-PAYE values such as Address, Ltd Co. Name, VAT Number etc.

RSM Intime Validation

Users of RSM-InTime will notice that the IR35 Status in Adapt now pre-determines the ‘PAYE’ type:

  • Off-Payroll = PAYE is set to No

  • On-Payroll = PAYE is set to Yes

A message is displayed if there is a change to the suggested PAYE type.

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