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Drag and Drop instant CV Parsing
Drag and Drop instant CV Parsing

Drag and drop single or multiple CVs from for instant CV parsing in Adapt

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Users can select single or multiple CVs from their desktop or PC folders and drop them into Adapt for instant parsing:

Use the new Drop a CV file menu tab and watch as all CVs are instantly parsed ready for review and import:

Select the CVs required, and drag and drop them to the tab:

The CV Import screen will automatically open and show the parsed CVs all ready for review:

Tip: Drag CVs from an email in your inbox and drop on to your PC desktop before then dragging and dropping them to Drop a CV file in Adapt.
โ€‹Note: Users who have a 3rd Party add-on such as "DDAddin" can drag the CVs directly from their Outlook Inbox.

Note: The maximum number of CVs a user can import in one transaction is 80.

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