Candidate Merge Tool

Data administration tool available for Adapt Manager users to merge 2 duplicate Candidate records together

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The Candidate Merge feature in Adapt enables users to merge 2 duplicated Candidate records together. 

It is simple and easy to use - look up the Duplicate Record (the one you want to delete) then look up the Destination Record (the one you want to keep), select Merge Records and the merging of the 2 records will complete, notifying you of progress along the way:

The Duplicate Record will be Restricted and queued for 'hard' delete, so no trail will be left behind.

The new functionality is run from the Administration tab using the Adapt Manger or Administrator Profile:

Note: This tool is to merge Candidate records only. Contact records are not included.

Candidate Merge Look-up screen

The Candidate Merge look up screen rules:

1. Both Candidate look-up fields work independently.

2. The look-up of Candidate records will respect the user's data segregation within Adapt. The Visibility set in the Employee record will determine what Candidate records will be available for selection.

3. Deleted or Restricted Candidate records are not included.

4. The Candidate Roles must match if they are to be merged. i.e. Temp to Temp, not Temp to Contract.  If one Candidate has more than one role, then the other needs to have the exact same roles for the merge to work - e.g. Temp & Perm to Temp & Perm, not Temp & Contract. Note: The 'default' role is not relevant when merging Candidates with multiple roles, the roles just need to be the same. Candidates with a dual role of Contact will not be merged as there is no functionality for 'Contact Merge'.
If they do not match, a warning message will be displayed and the user will be prevented from proceeding:

5. The Candidate records are checked for any links to submittals, bookings or placements and the user is prompted with the following messages if found:-

  • "Both candidates are linked to bookings. You cannot proceed with the merge."

  • "The Duplicate Record has placement activity on it that might be worth keeping. You should merge data to this record instead."  - (In this scenario, the user will not be able to continue with the merge. If the Destination record does not have any placement activity on it, the user could swap the merge around and use the Duplicate as the Destination record instead).

  • "Both candidates have been submitted to the same job, you will not be able to continue with the merge."

To help users with blocks in the Candidate Merge process, it is possible to merge duplicate candidates that have both been submitted to the same Job, so long as one has been Rejected from the Job before the merge.

How to Use the Tool

Start typing a Candidate Name or Person ID in the Duplicate Record Candidate field and any possible matches will be displayed for selection:-

When the correct record is selected, some basic identifying data will be displayed:-

Repeat for the Destination Record and select the correct Candidate so both records are side by side for comparison:

When the user is certain the 2 selected records are the ones they want to merge, select Merge Records. A warning message will be displayed:

At this stage the user can choose to cancel by selecting No. If Yes is selected, the merge process will proceed.

General Merging Rules

  1. If data exists in both records the data in the Destination record will be retained.

  2. If data exists in one record and is blank in the other, the Destination record will receive or retain the data.

  3. All historical data (e.g. assignment history, previous employment, journals, tasks etc.) will be combined and saved in the Destination record.

  4. Any values in Skills, languages etc. will be combined and saved into the Destination record, but will not be duplicated.

  5. It is possible to merge duplicate candidates that have both been submitted to the same Job, so long as one has been Rejected from the Job before the merge.

For more detailed information on the merge rules, please see the table in the Detailed Merge Rules section below.

Duplicate Record Removal

After the merge process has taken place, the Destination Record will remain and the Duplicate Record will have been set to Restricted and queued for deletion with an overnight (hard) deletion date based on the user's Deletion Date Control period set on the GDPR Settings page using the Adapt Manager Profile. 

Note: The Restriction of a deleted record CANNOT be lifted:


  • A delete request for the Duplicate Record will be sent to Cube19

  • TempBuddy is not currently notified of the restriction or deletion of the Duplicate Record.


Upon completion of a Candidate Merge, a Journal entry will be created on the remaining Destination Candidate Record and against the user. The Journal indicates the record was merged and will contain the identifying details of the Duplicate Candidate Record:

Detailed Merge Rules

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