Adapt and TempBuddy Timesheet administration

Timesheet generation and authorisation in TempBuddy. Read-Only Timesheets records in Adapt. Payroll run from TempBuddy or Adapt.

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This section deals with Timesheet management for Temporary assignments.

We recommend the TempBuddy system is used to raise and authorise a Timesheet.

Generating a Timesheet, Invoice and Pay slip in TempBuddy will create a 'Read Only' Timesheet record with Timesheet Lines in Adapt which will display the hours worked and the pay and charge values for those shifts. 

For users wanting to take advantage of running payroll in Adapt for all their Temporary Candidates, the Adapt system receives the Bill Rate from the TempBuddy Invoice.

Adapt Financial reporting can also use Charge Rates from TempBuddy generated Assignments.

Timesheet Creation - TempBuddy

Users should generate and authorise Timesheets in TempBuddy. 

A Timesheet API allows Adapt to receive TempBuddy Timesheet and Invoice information. This in turn enables Adapt to show the time worked (Units) in Days or Hours, the Pay rate and the Charge rate on each Timesheet line.

This information is received and created in corresponding Adapt Timesheet Lines when the following actions have completed successfully in TempBuddy (either manually or by automation):

  • Generate New Timesheet and Approve the Timesheet (For the Candidate)

  • Generate New Invoice (For the Client)

  • Generate New PaySlip (For the Candidate)

Timesheet Line shows daily Units, Pay and Charge rates:

Note: Timesheets generated in Adapt from TempBuddy Assignments are picked up when the Tempaid payrun is run in Adapt. The 'Hours Worked' (Units) from Adapt Timesheet Lines are on the Tempaid export schema as 'Payslip Hours'. Where the unit held is in days as opposed to hours, the hours are calculated using the units multiplied by the 'Hours Per Day' value held on the Default Settings page using the Adapt Manager Profile

Users can effectively run their performance revenue reports for all 'Temp Shift' Candidates in Adapt using Charge Rates. 

Using authorised timesheets, users can run their payroll from either TempBuddy or Adapt.

Note: The owning Consultant of the Timesheet in Adapt is taken from the Owner of the TempBuddy Assignment. Note: This field is only updated if the Adapt Employee ID matches the TempBuddy External Ref.

Complex Billing Template Rules used for corresponding to Adapt Timesheets

Complex Billing Templates are picked up from TempBuddy Assignments where used, enabling all Adapt Timesheet Lines to calculate and show the correct TempBuddy rate on the Rates Breakdown page.

This is an example TempBuddy Complex Billing Rate called weekly - paid breaks:

It is used on the Assignment Nurse for Candidate Harold Hall.

A TempBuddy Timesheet has been generated for Harold Hall and subsequently generated in Adapt:

The Adapt generated Timesheet Details page shows the Pay Amount, Charge Amount and Total Units (Hours). 

 The Rates Breakdown page shows the Complex Billing Rules from TempBuddy (as above) and their associated calculations: 

The Details page of the Adapt Timesheet Line shows the individual rate details:

Note: The Adapt Rate Code (Rate Description) should match the TempBuddy Complex Billing Rules Title in Tempbuddy. This is because some 3rd Party Payroll Exports pick up the rules by 'Title'. This can be done by Administrators of Adapt updating the modifiable 'Rate Code' code group. If the Rate Code (Rate Description) is not modified in Adapt, it will default to 'TempBuddy'.

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