A report is available called Onboarding and Compliance Status. This report gives a status overview of Candidate Onboarding & Compliance Items. It allows users to print out a summary report for an individual Candidate of Incomplete or Complete Items, which could be sent onto a Client.

For each Candidate, the report lists:

  • Assignments Job Title

  • Item Name

  • Date Requested

  • Date Received

  • Expiry Date

  • Hiring Requirement

  • Status 

  • Notes

  • Users can run the report for an individual Candidate without specifying a date range to show a summary of all Items assigned to a Candidate.

  • Users can refine the report by Check Type. If any Check Type(s) are selected, the report will only display those. If none are selected, all Check Types will be shown.

  • Entering a date range will find Candidates with Items which have an expiry date within the date range entered. The (expiry) Date Range fields are not compulsory when running the report without a specified Candidate. When no date range or specific Candidate is input, the report will display Candidates based on any other filters selected. This now enables Candidates who have Onboarding Request Items without expiry dates to be returned:

If the (expiry) Date Range is used, the report will return Candidates who have at least one Onboarding Request Item with an expiry date in the range specified. These Candidates will be displayed with all their Onboarding Request Items irrespective of whether they have an expiry date:

The report can also be filtered by status:

  • Incomplete - This will display Candidates where ALL of their Onboarding Request Items are Incomplete.

  • Complete - This will display Candidates where ALL of their Onboarding Request Items are Complete.

  • Any - This will display Candidates who have ANY Onboarding Request Items (whether Complete or Incomplete).

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