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The Adapt Reporter tab is a flexible report designer and Business Intelligence solution. It can be used to create ad-hoc reports and share them with other users. It uses Exago as the report designer. 

More information about the product can be found here:

Note: The Adapt Reporter application requires a separate licence to be purchased. Please contact your Adapt representative for more information.

Data records available within Adapt Reporter are as follows:

  • Client 

  • Contact

  • Candidate (Including Qualification& Skills)

  • Perm Job

  • Temp Regular Job

  • Temp Shift Job

  • Contract Job 

  • Activity

  • Compliance & Onboarding 

  • Employee 

  • Assignments

  • Timesheets

  • Progress

  • Interview

These data category records mirror the Adapt Reformatter fields, and allow users to join data from different records as required.

  • Select the Category or Categories required. Any unrelated records will be greyed out.

In this example the Timesheets Category has been selected:

When building the Sorts or Layout, select fields from the Category selected:

Important Note:

To allow more functionality and to move the field availability away from reformatter fields, Adapt Reporter was redesigned in release 2.9 to access data in an easier way and allow users to join data from different records. Existing Clients using Adapt Reporter prior to Release 2.9 will need to reconfigure their reports to make use of these new data views if required.  

For Clients with existing configured reports, DO NOT update the Exago Admin config file to look at these views. This will enable existing reports to continue to work based on reformatter settings.

Please contact your Adapt Representative for further information if you are interested in making use of the newer data views.

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