Adapt Manager Profile Webinar

New profile with administrator functions available to select users. Adapt Manager Webinar.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

A new login profile is available to select users with the 2.9 release.
It is called Adapt Manager and allows the user to:

  • Create Compliance/Onboarding Items & Packages

  • Add and Update KPIs for Regions, Office, Teams and Employees.

  • Set permission for GDPR Deletions and Creating Rates

  • Create various default settings throughout the system

  • Set up Payroll exports and Multi-poster accounts

Please note users may require some training to use this new profile. Please watch the attached webinar for details on:

  • (02.19) Default Settings

  • (06.55) Compliance

  • (13.52) Business Organisation Set-up

  • (19.05) Targets, Visibility, Permissions

Please contact your Erecruit Representative to see if you are eligible for this profile and for a copy of the user guide.

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