The Candidate record has a Compliance & Onboarding page where users can assign, update or remove 'Onboarding Request Items' to a Candidate. These Items and packages are set up using the Adadpt Manager profile.
Users may decide to add a package of Agency related 'Pre-screening' checks to each newly registered Candidate for example.

Any Onboarding Request Items displayed will show the following information:

  • Check Type

  • Item Name

  • Item description

  • Due Date

  • Date Completed

  • Hire Requirement

  • Type

  • Status

  • Expiry Date

Use the Highlighted buttons to:                  

  1. Assign Items - This enables users to find, select and assign any active pre-defined Compliance or Onboarding Items. Remember to add an Expiry Date to the Items if required. Select the Item(s) required and click Confirm:

  • On Confirm, a new record will be created with a unique Item ID called an 'Onboarding Request'. Note: The Item name is checked for duplicates on the Candidate record. If they already have an Onboarding Request item of the same name it won't be created again:

  • The Due Date is calculated as Today's date + the numeric value held on the Item at admin level.

  • Item Status is set to Incomplete.

  • The Hire Requirement will be populated from the Item information held at admin level.

  • Users can add evidence of the compliance or forms etc. to the Onboarding Request using the Document Library:

  • Save time manually assigning items to individuals by using the Batch options Assign Items from a set of search results:

2. Assign Package This enables users to find, select and assign any active pre-defined Compliance or Onboarding Packages. Select the package required and click confirm to assign all the associated items to the record. On confirm, new Onboarding Request records will be created for each item in the package.

  • Save time manually assigning packages to individuals by using the new Batch option Assign Package from a set of search results.

3. Update Item - Users can select and update an outstanding Item on a Candidate or Assignment record to change the Due Date, Expiry Date and set the Status to complete. They can also upload a document and write Journal Notes

4. Remove Item - This option removes any item no longer required. Tick the required Item(s) and select the button. The system will ask for confirmation before removing the item from the record. If the item is linked to an assignment of the Candidate a message will display warning the user. If the User selects 'Yes', the Item and all links will be removed. If 'No' is selected, the Item and all links remain.

5. View Doc - Tick the item and use this button to launch the View Doc window enabling users to open any document(s) that have been attached to the Onboarding Item (using the Compliance & Onboarding Adapt Manager administration tab). Double click each item to open and review it:

6. Email Doc - Tick the item and use this button to launch the Email Doc workflow, which will attach the document(s) held in the Document Library of the Onboarding Item (attached using the Compliance & Onboarding Adapt Manager administration tab):

Note: Users will need to manually delete any unwanted documents before sending. Click on the document and use the 'bin' icon.

  • Click Confirm to launch the Email to Send workflow to the Candidate with the documents attached. Make any amendments as necessary and click Send.

Assignment Record Updates

If an item on a Candidate record is updated, then all assignments for the Candidate where this item is listed will also be updated.

If a package is added to an assignment then Adapt will create Onboarding Request items for the Candidate in that assignment for any new Items added as a result of selecting the package.

If removing an item from an assignment, Adapt will check if the Candidate has any other assignments linked. If there are no other linked assignments, the user can choose to remove the items from the Candidate record as well.

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