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Compliance & Onboarding in Adapt
Compliance & Onboarding on the Client and Job records.
Compliance & Onboarding on the Client and Job records.

How to add Compliance/Onboarding Items and Packages to a Client, Job and Lead Job record.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

There is a page called Compliance & Onboarding on the Client and Job records . This gives users the ability to add or remove onboarding items to these records and displays any allocated items.

Each item will show the following:

  • Check Type

  • Item Name

  • Type

  • Hire Req

  • Created Date

  • Item description

Use the following buttons to:                  

  • Add Items - This enables users to find, select and add any active pre-defined Compliance or Onboarding Items. Select the item(s) required and click confirm:

  • Add Packages This enables users to find, select and add any active pre-defined Compliance or Onboarding Packages. Select the package required and click confirm to add all the associated Items to the record:

  • Remove Item - Removes any Item no longer required. Tick the required Item(s) and select the button. The system will ask for confirmation before removing the Item from the record. 

Client Record Updates

The Checks Required section previously displayed on the Parents Info & Requirements page has been relocated to the Compliance & Onboarding page for reference only. Users can continue to add checks when in 'Edit' mode.
If a package is added to a Client, it will NOT automatically update existing Jobs assigned to this Client.

Shortcut icons are also available for 'Add Item' and 'Add Package'.

Job Record Updates   

On Job creation, if an Onboarding Item/Package has already been assigned to the Client, it will be copied to the Job automatically. Users will be able to add or remove these copied items as required for each Job. Details of the Items will be displayed on the Compliance & Onboarding page.

Note: If packages are added at Job level, any associated assignments will NOT be automatically updated.

Note: When using the activity Copy Job, all compliance/onboarding items held on the Job being copied, will also be copied across.

Compliance checks on Lead Jobs

Candidate Compliance checks have been added to Lead Jobs (on conversion to live) when using the Send CV and Interview activities.

  • When using Send CV from a (converted) Lead Job record, compliance checks are now made and the user can choose to assign any missing Items to the Candidate record.

  • When using the Interview activity from the Shortlist page of a (converted) Lead Job, users are warned if any Candidates have incomplete Items. Details on these can be found in the Journal and Task records.

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