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Creating a Package for Compliance/Onboarding Items
Creating a Package for Compliance/Onboarding Items

How to create packages of items for Onboarding and Compliance using the Adapt Manager profile. How to add items to a package.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

If you do not have access to the Administrator or Adapt Manager profile, please ask your Erecruit representative to set up your 'Compliance and Onboarding' packages.

Using the Adapt Administrator or Adapt Manager profile, users can create their own package of compliance or onboarding items which can be added to a Client or Job record and/or be assigned to a Candidate record. 

Create Package

A Package is simply a collection of compliance/onboarding items. Once a user has created their items, they can group some items together to form a 'package' of checks. This might be related to a Client or a specific Job, and could be for checks like 'Identity', 'Training' or 'Health & Safety'.

By grouping items into a package, users can quickly add a set of items to a Client or Job or assign them to a Candidate.

To create a new package, use the 'Compliance & Onboarding' menu tab, and select Create Package:

Choose a relevant Package Name  (duplicate checking is in place on the Package Name field to ensure it is unique) and Description then click Confirm.

Note:  All Active packages should be ticked. If they are no longer relevant, users can un-tick this option to ‘deactivate’ them as Adapt will only look for Active packages.

Adding Items to a Package

Once a package is created, users can add Compliance/Onboarding Items to it, to build the correct package.

  • From the package, use the Add Item button:

Use Find, tick the relevant item(s) then Confirm:

Continue to build the package as required, in readiness for adding to a Client or Job, or assigning to a Candidate.

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