Creating an Item for Compliance and Onboarding

How to create Items for Onboarding and Compliance using the Administrator / Adapt Manager profile

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If you do not have access to the Administrator or Adapt Manager profile, please ask your Erecruit representative to set up your Compliance and Onboarding Items.

Using the Adapt Administrator or Adapt Manager profile, users can create their own Compliance or Onboarding items which can be added to a Client or Job record and/or assigned to a Candidate record.

An Onboarding item might be a DBS check, a visa check, an identity check, a medical certificate check. The list goes on and users can create as many items as they like.

Create Item

To create a new item, use the 'Compliance & Onboarding' menu tab, and select Create Item:

  • Choose the Check Type. This defines the type of item being created: (Note: This code group is modifiable, Please ask your administrator or Erecruit Representative to add any new codes required):

  • Create a Name for the check. Note: On selection of Check Type, the Name and Description fields will be auto populated, but the user can overwrite these as required. The Name field will be used to locate and assign the item within the Adapt system so the terminology should be pertinent to the Agency. (A duplicate checker is in place on the Name field to ensure it is unique).

  • Update the item Description. For example the item Name may be ‘FRCS (Ed)’ and the description could be ‘Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’, 

  • Add in a Due Date for the item if required. This is for the Agency's use. For example, they may require passports to be presented within 7 days. In this example enter '7' days. A Due Date will be calculated from today's date when the item is assigned to a Candidate and shown on the Compliance & Onboarding Studio.

  • Choose an Item Type if required. This might be a piece of Documentation relating to training, such as a certificate:

Note: This code group is modifiable, Please ask your Erecruit Representative or administrator to add any new codes required.

  • The Hiring Requirement uses either Required or Preferred. If 'Required' is chosen, the item becomes mandatory in the system and users will be unable to complete the workflow being run (or book a Candidate into a Job) without this item being completed. If 'Preferred' is chosen, users will be warned and can choose to continue with the workflow.

  • Choose the Enforcement Stage. This will affect at what point in the recruitment process (triggered by which action is being run) the item should be completed. One or more enforcement stages can be selected. Warning messages will be shown accordingly, and if the item is Required, the user will not be able to continue with the workflow until this item is complete. Choose from:

Pre-Hire - This stage is initiated when the following actions are run in Adapt:

  • Send CV

  • Interview

New Hire - This stage is initiated when the following actions are run in Adapt:

  • Fill Temp Reg Job

  • Fill Temp Shift Job

  • Fill Perm Job

  • Fill Contract Job

  • Unbook  - with replacement candidate

Re-hire - This stage is initiated when the following actions are run in Adapt:

  • Add Additional days

  • Extend Temp Reg

  • Extend Contract

  • Add Shifts

  • Change Dates

Finally, if the check is something that is likely to expire like a visa or passport, then the user should switch on the expiry warning when filling a Job. Tick the Turn on Expiry Warnings box, then choose when to be warned:

  • When an Onboarding Request Item is created on a Candidate record, an expiry date can be added. If the expiry warning is switched on, and the expiry validation fails, a warning message will be displayed and if the item is 'Required', the user will be unable to continue the workflow.

  • Items will be created as Active by default, but if they are no longer relevant, users can un-tick this option to ‘deactivate’ them as Adapt will only look for Active Items.

  • Click Confirm to create the item

Note: The Item can be added to a 'Package' of Compliance/Onboarding checks. A package can be added to a Client or Job and/or assigned to a Candidate. See the Creating a Package article.

Adding Documents to an Onboarding Item

There are two Document Categories available within the Document Library of an Onboarding Item :

  • Compliance Documents

  • Onboarding Documents

Users can store Candidate related documentation here such as an Identity Check or a Criminal Convictions questionnaire.
When using the Compliance & Onboarding page in a Candidate record, users will be able to review or send any of the documents stored here to the Candidate.

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