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Payrun Errors

Payrun validation errors

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

If an error occurs when running the payrun, a message will be generated, such as:

If the pay run could not be completed, it is usually because mandatory information is missing.

A search result is produced for each record type advising you what has failed and why. 

To see where the export failed, go to ‘Saved Searches’ and select the relevant search. In this example it shows ‘TEMPAID VALIDIDATION FAILED’ in the title.

Open the search to see the details of why the payrun failed. Use the Formatter Tool to ensure the column ‘Export Validation Failed’ is included. This will display the reason for the validation failure e.g. NI No, Payslip Method etc.

In this example, ‘Pay Type’ is missing from the Candidate record. Users should update this information on the Candidate record, and then try running the payrun again.

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