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Assignment Records in Adapt
Assignment Records in Adapt

What are assignment records? How to find assignment records. Workflows run from assignments.

Written by Jackie Read
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Assignment records

Assignment records are created automatically when a Candidate is placed into a job. Assignment records handle all post-placement activities.

Finding Assignment Records

In a Candidate record you can select Assignment records from the ASSIGNMENTS section of the ‘Profile’ page.

In a Job record you can select the assignment record from the ‘At a Glance’ page and from the following pages using the ‘Status’ column link. 

  • ‘Interviews & Placement’ in Permanent jobs

  • ‘Interviews & Assignments’ in Contract jobs

  • ’Assignments’ for Temp Regular jobs

From the ‘Searches’ tab, select ‘Home’ then select the type of Assignment, add any criteria and select ‘Find’:

Activities run from Assignments

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