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Adapt's mobile app. How does Intouch work? How to install Intouch.

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The Adapt InTouch iPhone and Android apps combine revolutionary mobile devices with market-leading recruitment software enabling you to quickly access your data, run workflows and effectively recruit on the move. Staying in touch and working with Adapt has never been easier.

Transform the service you provide by utilising the numerous features within Adapt InTouch for client meetings; from using a hyperlink to get a map and directions, to accessing your full Adapt candidate database. 

You may record in-depth information on the spot (without the need to do further admin upon returning to the office) or run live candidate searches and instantly present results to your client.

Customise your workflow screens to suit your business needs and stay up-to-date wherever you are. Log notes, make calls, send text messages or email directly from your device or via the Adapt server.

Key Features:


  • Configurable record views

  • Direct access to contact details

  • Integrates with email and phone functions

Search and Find

  • Searches tailored to your requirements

  • Fully connected, live data

  • Search results formatted to requirements

Tasks and Diary

  • View tasks and Adapt diary by priority

  • View calendar for meetings, appointments and more


  • Access up-to-date record card activity

  • View consultant notes

Management Information

  • Configure In Touch dashboards to deliver management reports and business intelligence


  • Access your documents quickly and easily with support for all major file formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf and more)

  • Send documents to Adapt In Touch or to other apps on your device

  • Import documents directly into Adapt In Touch from external applications

  • Documents can be sent to In Touch from external applications and then assigned to any record in Adapt


  • Favourite records are kept in sync with your Adapt server – changes made on your desktop will be instantly available via the app, meaning you are always up to date with important contacts, candidates and clients

  • Keep up to date with important contacts, clients and candidates

  • Changes made on your desktop version of Adapt will be instantly available via In Touch Configuration

  • Customise the look and feel of your records, searches and lists

  • Design your app screens to show the details you need, in your choice of colours, text and graphics

On the go activities include:

  • Making calls

  • Sending emails

  • Searching candidates

  • Maps and directions

  • Recruitment activity

  • Management reports

  • Call and meeting notes

  • Daily tasks and appointments

If you want to install Adapt InTouch on your phone, please contact your Adapt representative who will set up your details and give instructions on installation.

iPhone/iPad App

  1. Firstly, contact your Adapt representative to set up your details

  2. Please ensure the latest version of the Adapt InTouch app (published by Bond International Software) is downloaded from the App Store

  3. Access the program and select the + symbol.

  4. Fill out the details of the Intouch system:

    1. Web service URL e.g. https ://m. adapt???.com/intouch/

    2. System Name - The ‘System’ will be advised to you by Adapt (usually the Client Name) and an optional description should be entered. 

  5. Select ‘Create’.

  6. Select the system name and when prompted, log in using your Adapt username and password.

  7. The server will respond and a new connection to the specific system will be
    created for the app.

  8. Tap Accept or Decline the Quality Control message.

  9. On initial login, a message will be displayed:
    ‘New config update’
    ‘New updates need downloading’

  10. Select ‘Update’ and once completed, you will have full access to the InTouch app.

Alternatively, new users with the iOS app can be sent an email to their device from the system administrator with a customised hyperlink. When the user clicks the link the app will launch (if installed) and the new connection details screen will automatically load with the web server URL and system name pre-filled.

Non-iPhone (browser based)

inTouch also works on most modern smartphone web browsers such as Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, PC or Mac desktop web browsers.

  • Firstly, contact your Adapt representative to set up your details

  • Launch a web browser

  • Enter the Web Server URL in the browser’s address bar
    e.g. https ://m. adapt???.com/intouch/LogOn/

  • A browser based version of the app will open that can be saved as a bookmark to your home screen.

  • Select the Adapt system from the drop-down list

  • As above, use the ‘System’ name as advised by Adapt, then log in using your Adapt username and password. 

  • Tap Log on to complete

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