idibu v3 and Adapt

Adapt integration with idibu v3

Written by Jackie Read
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Release 2.7 of Adapt introduced the integration of idibu V3 within Adapt. idibu have evolved their ‘multi-posting’ system with V3, offering recruiters the power to build their brands and engage with candidates as opposed to just posting jobs.

From within a Job in Adapt, users will now be able to access the v3 version of idibu as an embedded user interface as a page in Permanent, Contract and Temporary Jobs. They can then do their direct job posting or access the free services offered by idibu if they do not have a full account.

To enable the integration, users should have their own idibu v3 Account with an idibu ID and idibu Secret Code. Please provide these to your Bullhorn representative who will set up the integration within the Adapt Administration profile and enable the idibu menu option.

Once set up, select the idibu page from a Job record:

Users will see a summary of the job as held in idibu:

Functions available include broadcasting these job details from Adapt or searching the idibu database. The free functionality can also be used here, such as search for matching candidates.

Note: This is currently not a 360-degree integration.

Please contact your Erecruit representative for more information and to set up the integration.

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