The LogicMelon software has been integrated to work with Adapt, allowing users to benefit from all the LogicMelon features without leaving the Adapt system.

LogicMelon Products integrated with Adapt

Post – Allows the export and posting of Job adverts from Adapt to LogicMelon. This is a one-way Adapt to LogicMelon push integration.

Manage – Allows the user to view and flag applicant responses, enabling the candidates to be automatically imported into Adapt and linked to the Adapt Advert record. The Adapt Candidate record will contain the Candidate’s name, email address and CV.

This is known as a one way pull integration; Adapt periodically searches for and pulls in new data. 

Tracking – is an optional product, but uses the same ‘RetrieveApps’ technology as above, sending responses to the same area for users to ‘manage’.

Pre-requisites and Set-up

Users should have a direct account with LogicMelon for Job posting and management to be able to use this integration. Once this licence has been purchased, users should confirm the set-up of the integration with Adapt directly with LogicMelon.

Once set up, please confirm to your Erecruit representative which LogicMelon products have been purchased. They will need to set up the LogicMelon account details and any feed adapters as appropriate.
All appropriate system settings will be created and tested by Erecruit. Once ready, Erecruit will inform you when the integration is ready to use.

LogicMelon Job Posting and Candidate Management integration

Previously, users could post job adverts to LogicMelon from Adapt and then login to LogicMelon to see any responses. The integration has been extended to enable users to view LogicMelon job advert posts, track and manage the responses to adverts and import candidates into Adapt, all without navigating away from Adapt. 

From a Job within Adapt, use ‘Multi-poster’ and then ‘Export Job’:

The LogicMelon Post a Job screen will be presented. Choose the Job Boards required and select Next:

Complete the Advert details page:

Complete the details required and select Next, then review before clicking on Finish:

Actions now include; View Advert, Track and Applications.

Once reviewed, the advert is sent and the workflows are written to the Adapt Journal. An Advert record is automatically created in Adapt (linked to the job) giving details of when and where the Advert was posted. The source of any applicants to the job will be automatically tracked.

Within the Jobs menu, there is a Multiposter option. Once selected, the user will see a list of their LogicMelon posted job adverts.

Click into the job reference to see the advert details. In this example the Job LD_Direct Job 7 is showing an application. From the details page, click on ‘Applications’.

The new potential candidate will appear as an unranked applicant. The applicant should be assessed and ranked by clicking on one of the 3 flags. The first is Red – Unsuitable, the second Blue – Maybe Suitable and the third Green – Suitable.

With automatic source tracking in place, users can now use this to report or search on the most effective Job Boards or Adverts.

In this example, applicant Beatrice Shubert has been ranked as Green flag and applicant Chris Bone as Blue flag. Users can view all their ‘suitable applicants’ and ‘maybe suitable applicants’ lists within the LogicMelon window by clicking on the relevant flag colours:

Details of the job adverts and all responses can be viewed in the Job record in Adapt on the ‘Media Responses’ page.

Please note that clients need to subscribe to the LogicMelon products and have the integration enabled.  Please contact your Erecruit Representative for further details.

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