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Adapt MailChimp Integration User Guide
Adapt MailChimp Integration User Guide

How to use the MailChimp Integration in Adapt.

Written by Jackie Read
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Mailchimp offer a powerful marketing tool that allows users the ability to connect with their contacts in a seamless and professional way. They offer a basic free account which Adapt users can take advantage of to send a limited number of marketing campaigns.

The Adapt integration with MailChimp offers users the ability to synchronise their contacts (Candidates, Contacts or Leads in Adapt) to their Mailchimp audiences, send Campaigns from Mailchimp, and have the reporting data synchronised back into Adapt.


Users of this integration need to set up their own MailChimp account and generate an API key. Use to sign up.

Once done, navigate to your Account Profile page and use the Extras tab to create an API key.

Important: Take note of the Mailchimp username and API key as these are needed to integrate with Adapt.

Users can choose to have one MailChimp account per Client, or set up individual accounts for each user on their Employee record in the Administrator profile.

Please contact your Bullhorn Adapt representative to set up this integration. They will require the username, an API Key and an email address.

How to use Mailchimp within Adapt

In Mailchimp, a user creates ‘Audiences’ for any marketing campaigns:

The next step is to assign some contacts/subscribers to that audience. An audience can be populated by exporting contacts from a search result in Adapt.

In Adapt, run a person search for the marketing list in the normal way. Save the results, select all, then click on the Batch menu and select the ‘Export to Mailchimp’ option.

Important Note: MailChimp have set a limit on the number of records exported so the browser may time out and fail to load if the number of records being exported is more than 500. Please ensure the total of selected search results is less than 500 records. If the search results are greater than 500, the batch export will need to be done in stages. Each full page contains 30 records so approx. 16 pages can be selected at a time. 

When the integration is set up, the user will be able to select their Mailchimp audience from the drop-down menu.

To export the search results to the audience selected, the user just needs to click the ‘Export Candidates/Contacts to Mailchimp’ button, and Adapt will do the rest in the background.

Note: Users must ensure that they are only exporting contacts that have given their consent to be contacted using this method, or have ‘subscribed’ to receive this type of marketing information.

When the user checks Mailchimp again, they will see that the contacts in the Adapt search result selected, now appear in the relevant audience.

Note. Mailchimp will disregard duplicate entries, so if more than one contact is exported with the same email address, only one will be imported.

Once the contacts have been imported into the selected Mailchimp audience, users can create a Mailchimp Campaign using the Campaign tab.

Once the user clicks on Send, the Campaign will be delivered:

Adapt will periodically check in with Mailchimp for updates to campaigns and display the information from the Mailchimp campaign in the Campaign record within Adapt.

The Campaign record can be found using Searches -> Home -> Mailchimp:

The campaign record shows details such as: Date and Time it was sent, Total Opens, Total Clicks, Bounced emails and Unsubscribed contacts and a list of contacts under Linked Members.

The user can click onto any of the contacts under Linked Members to access those records. Each person record in Adapt has a page called Marketing which shows details of which lists they belong to and which campaigns have been sent to them, along with the highlighted Campaign statistics. The Campaign record can also be accessed from here:

Finally, to help Marketeers keep an eye on campaign performance without logging out of Adapt and into Mailchimp, a new MailChimp Campaigns widget has been created in My Studios for users to view all campaigns in one place with an overview of the statistics, such as the sent date and the number opened and unsubscribed.
Obviously users have access to a full graphical suite of reports within Mailchimp itself for comprehensive reporting.

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