GDPR Consent/Permission Report

A description of the GDPR Consent/Permission Report

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This report gives an overview of the status of consent for all the Candidates and Contacts an Agency is working with. It finds all Candidates and Contacts with a Consent Expiry Date between the date range specified.

To run the report:

  • Click on the report name to launch the input screen.

  • Enter the criteria for the report (mandatory fields are highlighted in red).

  • Select the required format.

  • Click Confirm to run the report.

For a date range, 

You can Filter by:

  • Candidates (owning) Region

  • Candidates (owning) Office

  • Candidates (owning) Team

  • Candidates (owning) Consultant

  • Consent? received (Yes/No)

  • All or Candidates or Contacts

You can choose to Group the report presentation by:

  • Consultant

  • Office

  • Region

  • Team 


You can choose to Sort by one of these columns (in alphabetical or numerical order):

  • Consultant

  • Expiry date

  • Office

  • Region

  • Team

Without using ‘group by’, the report will produce a list of Candidates and Contacts with details of their Consent and Other Method of processing along with Last Contacted information. However grouping can give you 4 different presentations of the information and the totals by group, for example Consultant:

If no date range is entered, and a user selects 'No' from the Consent? filter, then Candidates and Contacts will be returned where Consent Expiry Date could be blank. This could be useful for flagging Candidates who have been Last Contacted in the last ‘month’ where you don’t have consent.

Note: The Report shows a column for Legitimate Interest. A Y will be shown where the Data Being Processed Under Legitimate Interest field has been set to Yes.

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