Equal Opportunities Report

A description of the Equal Opportunities report

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This report shows anonymous candidate equal opportunities information. It finds all candidates added to the system with equal opportunities data included between the two dates entered.

To run the report:

  • Click on the report name to launch the input screen.

  • Enter the criteria for the report (mandatory fields are highlighted in red).

  • Select the required format.

  • Click Confirm to run the report.

For a date range, 

You can Filter by:

  • Candidates (owning) Region

  • Candidates (owning) Office

  • Candidates (owning) Team

  • Candidates (owning) Consultant

  • Client 

You can choose to Group the report presentation by:

  • Consultant

  • Office

  • Region

  • Team 

Note: To check the Candidates owning region, office, team consultant, look at the Summary page.

Without using ‘group by’, the report will produce a list of all equal opportunity data. However grouping can give you 4 different presentations of the information and the totals by group:

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