Working Contractors Report

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Working Contractors Report

This report is an easy way of finding out which of your contractors are working based on the dates entered.

It will return all filled contract assignments for the date period including any Contract Jobs that have been extended.
The report will look for the Latest Ext. End Date (rather than End Date), so all assignments with an extension will be included. Where an Assignment has not been extended, the Latest Ext. End Date and the End Date will be the same.

To run the report:

  • Click on the report name to launch the input screen.

  • Enter the criteria for the report (mandatory fields are highlighted in red).

  • Choose how to Report By -

    • Assignment Owner - the report will filter by the owner of the Assignment.

    • Assignment Creator - the report will filter by who created the Assignment.

  • Select the required format.

  • Click Confirm to run the report.

You can Filter results by:

  • Client

  • Consultant

  • Team

  • Office

  • Region 

You can choose to Group the report presentation by:

  • Client

  • Consultant

  • Start date 

This can give you 3 different presentations of the information and the totals by group: 

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