Adapt Standard Reports

A brief description of the standard reports in Adapt and how to filter and format.

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The Adapt Reports are grouped into 3 sections:

  • Temp and Contract

  • General

  • Performance

Click onto the Report tab. The available Reports, together with a description will be displayed. Current reports are detailed as follows:

  • Select a Report to run by clicking on the Report name.

  • The input screen will open allowing the user to enter the criteria for the Report.

  • Enter the criteria for the Report. Each Report will require certain mandatory fields to be completed, for instance, a date range, a User or Team. Select the required format.

  • Click Confirm.

The system will gather the required information and the user will be presented the Report in a separate window.  

Each time a User runs the Report, the criteria is saved, allowing the User to review the criteria before running the report again.

Find details on each report within the Reports section:

Target Performance Reports

The following performance reports produce an analysis of workflow within a certain time range.

  • Activity & Financial Analysis

  • CVs sent and Interview Analysis

  • Forecasted / Generated Revenue

  • Phone Calls Analysis 

For these reports to be accurate, users should have targets set for the workflows used in the report. The System Administrator or your Erecruit Representative is responsible for entering and maintain the targets for each user. 

These reports allow the user to compare the User, Region, Office or Team targets against the actual workflow run in the system. Each of these reports has a Target Period which can be selected. The Target period is either weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Each report displays the target against the actual (if the Target Period has been selected).  

Filtering and Formatting

Each report has various filters for selection, and some allow users to define how the report will be grouped, which columns the results should be sorted by, and how the report should be formatted. For example:

Applying Filters to reports

By applying filters, the report will only show results based on the filters selected. Date ranges can be used and all reports can be filtered by Consultant, Team, Office and Region.

Group by

This determines how the report is presented. For example if ‘Client’ is selected, the report will group the information by Client as opposed to a long list.

Sort by

Selecting a ‘sort by’ field defines the primary sorting criterion for columns.

Report Format

This defines the Report format e.g. PDF, Excel.

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