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Description of sending out email and letter documentation in Adapt.

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There are lots of actions throughout Adapt that will offer the option to send out documentation. The options are by Email, Post or No Docs

The 'Send Docs By' field determines what type of documentation is produced when running the workflow.

Sending Emails

To send an email, select the Email option and click on Confirm.

The following screen will appear:

If an email address has been provided in the Candidate’s record this will automatically be populated in the Email Address field. If the field is blank, an email address will need to be entered. A Follow-up Date can be entered if required, which will create a task. Select Confirm to launch the email workflow:

Users can preview the email text by double clicking the document icon. To add a document to the email, click on the upload icon and follow the instructions:

Adapt will automatically create the email through Outlook. This will launch for the user to review or make changes before sending in the normal way.

A pop up will also appear, (shown below). This shows the email being tagged back into the Journal in Adapt.

To minimise this message, simply click away. 

Sending Letters

Using the Get in Touch workflow as an example, select Post in Send Docs By

On Confirm, the following window will be displayed:

Double click on the Word document to display it. Amend as required, save, then print from Word in the usual way.

Once the document is printed, click OK  to save the document into the Journal record in Adapt.

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