Adapt Icons

A description of the generic icons found throughout the Adapt system.

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Icons found within records

This is a Coded Group icon:

When clicked, this will display all the Code options available for that specific field.ย 

There are 2 different types of Coded lists. First is a single list as shown below. To choose a Code double click over it and it will drop into the field.

The other option will display many Codes, (shown below), and allows multiple selection. To update Codes into these fields, select the Code to be added, then click on the single right arrow and this will put the selection in the right hand side selection box.

To multi select, hold down the CTRL key, then click on OK.
To move a selection back, select it then use the left hand arrow.

This is the Go To icon:

This icon appears next to a field with a record name. Clicking on this icon this will take the user into that record.

This is the Quickfind Lookup icon:

When clicked, this will take the user into Quickfind, to search for a record.

These are the Date icons:

Clicking the central clock will input today's date. The left and right arrows will move the date backwards or forwards. The calendar icon will bring up a calendar for the user to select a date.

This indicates a Time field:

Selecting the clock will input the current time. The format is HH:MM using the 24 hour clock.

Opening and Closing Records

The global close workstacks icon is found on the Navigation bar of Adapt and shows all open records in the system.

Records can be closed by clicking on the cross, or by using Close All.

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