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Logging Temp/Contract Candidate Availability, Unavailability & Working Preferences
Logging Temp/Contract Candidate Availability, Unavailability & Working Preferences

How to log a Temp or Contract Candidate's availability, unavailability and working preferences.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

A Candidate Availability page is available on all Temporary and Contract Candidate records where users can log availability, unavailability and a Candidate's working preferences. These criteria will be used when searching for Candidates by availability and also when booking Temp or Contract Jobs.

Logging Availability and Unavailability

For example, a Candidate has confirmed verbally that they are available Monday to Friday next week from 9am to 6pm but are on holiday from Monday to Friday the following week.

Users can confirm these dates using the Log Availability and Log Unavailability buttons on the Candidates Availability page:

Select the ‘Log Availability’ button and input the available to work dates. Select the days of the week and times.

Next, log the holiday by selecting the 'Log Unavailability' button and enter the dates and times before confirming.

Default availability and unavailability start and end times can be set in Applications Settings using the Administrator profile. This means that if no times are chosen when setting the days of availability or unavailability then the system will default to these. In our example, they are set to 09:00 and 18:00. Please ask your Erecruit representative to set this.

Any confirmed availability or unavailability will now be shown on the Candidate’s calendar, along with any actual bookings:

Working Preferences

In addition to confirming their availability or unavailability, it is also possible for a recruiter to log the Candidates Working Preferences.

This is effectively their general pattern of availability. For instance, a Candidate may tell a recruiter that they are usually available to work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 9am to 5pm, can’t work on Thursdays and can usually do from 2pm to 9pm on a Friday. 

Log these preferences from the Candidate Availability page using Edit mode:

If the agency regularly uses this Candidate for waitressing shifts for instance, they may decide to allocate these shifts on a weekly basis and confirm later. This is where availability searching becomes important.

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