Using Social Media in AOA

How to set up Twitter in AOA. How to view, search and link social media.

Written by Jackie Read
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The AOA can act as a bridge between the Adapt system and Twitter. From within the AOA, users can select the social media profile and save it to the Adapt record. They can also browse data from the social media site and select the correct profile for the current record displayed in the AOA.

To set up the social media options:

  • Select ‘Settings’ within the ‘Adapt’ tab. Then choose the Social Media tab from the 'Adapt Add-In Settings' window:

  • Click the 'Authorise Twitter' button to allow AOA to connect to the social media account.

  • Enter the required credentials to authenticate the accounts. If a pin number is generated, it should be entered when returned to this screen.

  • Once the accounts have been authorised, users can search Twitter from the AOA.

Viewing, Searching and linking Social Media

To search Twitter, click on the respective icons at the top of the AOA to search for your candidate on the social media site. The search will bring back a list of potential matches and the user is able to hover and preview records to establish the correct candidate. When the correct candidate is selected, the Adapt record is updated with the link, and the ‘link’ option becomes visible.

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