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The Adapt Outlook Add-in (AOA) screen in Outlook
The Adapt Outlook Add-in (AOA) screen in Outlook

A description of the information shown on the AOA and how to identify the correct record. Outlook meeting request emails.

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The AOA will display data from the Candidate or Contact record, once a match has been found.

The following screen shows the details displayed within the AOA, from a Candidate record:

The AOA works on the principle of matching and identifying email addresses contained within emails located in the users inbox. The AOA will try to match all email addresses within the inbox to email addresses contained within Contact and Candidate records in Adapt. 

Identifying the correct record

For each separate email contained within the inbox, AOA will suggest a match to a Candidate or Contact record in Adapt, which contains the incoming email address. If more than one match occurs, AOA will present a number of matching Adapt records.

To view the matches presented by AOA:

  1. Ensure the AOA is open.

  2. In the name field the total number of matches (highlighted below) will be shown.

  3. To scroll between the matches please click onto the up and down arrows, located on the right hand side of the name field. Clicking on each arrow will toggle between the records.

  4. Once the appropriate record has been selected, users can view details from the record and run workflow. If you increase the width of the AOA you will see more tabs, however clicking on the double arrows will list all available tabs for selection.

Icons associated with AOA:

Meeting Request emails

If an outlook meeting request is received, the AOA automatically displays the user's Adapt Calendar. This allows the user to determine whether to accept or reject the meeting request.

The screen displays the items in your Adapt calendar for the week of the meeting request.

The new meeting request is shown in blue. Users can hover over each item to see more details about the appointment.

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