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Introduction to Adapt Outlook Add-in (AOA)
Introduction to Adapt Outlook Add-in (AOA)

A brief description of what AOA is, what it can do and what how to get it set up. Link to the AOA Webinar.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

The Adapt Outlook Add-In (AOA) is designed to enable users to manage Candidate and Contact relationships and Job Vacancy activities within Outlook.

AOA scans the users Outlook inbox and matches emails from Candidates and Contacts to their corresponding record in Adapt. Once the email address and Adapt record have been matched, AOA allows the user to view a Candidate or Contact’s details, notes, scheduled tasks and journal entries. If the matched record has more than one role assigned, then the information displayed will be for the 'Default Role'. The user can also run selective workflows such as tagging emails, logging calls and creating candidates which would usually be run in Adapt. The user is also able to check social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to find the Candidate or Contact.

Please contact your Erecruit Representative to set this up.

The current AOA version is available with the Adapt Standard System and works with Outlook 2007 and above.

Please see the attached webinar covering:

  • Installation

  • AOA Actions and Information

  • AOA Email Tagging Settings

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