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How to create Permanent, Temp and Contract Lead Jobs. Grading a Lead Job. Converting Lead jobs. Lead Job Searching.

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A Lead job is a type of Job which has not formally been confirmed as a requirement by the Client. For instance, the Client does not yet have formal budget approval for the position, or the requirements have not been formalised.

Lead Jobs can be Permanent, Temporary or Contract job types. It is possible to run workflow against the Lead Job and track activity.

Creating a Lead Job 

From a Company record, open the Summary page. Click onto General from the activities menu and select either:

  • Permanent Lead

  • Contract Lead

  • Temporary Lead

Complete the details within the screen.

Please note that a Notice period can only be entered if the role Status is set to Backfilled.
Click Confirm.

Users can find Lead jobs from the Job Search screen or from the Leads page of the relevant Company record.

Running workflow within a Lead Job

Recruiters can perform general tasks such as shortlist candidates, send CVs, interview, offer and place candidates on Lead jobs as standard.
Note: If a candidate is placed in the Lead Job, the user will be prompted to convert the job into a live vacancy:

To convert the job, click Yes. The Job will be converted to a normal job and the placement or booking workflow can be run.

Users can manually convert Lead jobs at any point after creation. Use the Convert Lead to Job action from the Activities menu.

Note: A 'Lead' Client's status will be changed to Active if a linked 'Lead' Job is converted.

Grading a lead.

Lead Jobs can be assigned a 'grade' to indicate how likely it is to become a live vacancy. This can be changed at any point, and monitored on the Business Development studios.

From the Lead job Management page, click on the Grading button. Select the appropriate grading and click

Searching for Leads

All existing and historic Lead Jobs of all types can be searched using the Lead Job Search data search:

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