Eshot setting changes on Candidate and Contact creation.

The people (can I) Eshot? field is set to 'No' by default when Contacts or Candidates are created in Adapt.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

With the release of Adapt 2.8, all new Candidate and Contract records will have the Eshot and Can SMS? fields set to No by default, thus forcing users to facilitate a physical opt in to marketing communication for Individuals. 

Note: This cannot be changed by a generic setting.

If all records selected in a search result have Eshot set to No, the Eshot cannot be sent and a message will display:

“The email could not be sent to any of selected people because they do not have valid email addresses on file or do not wish to be contacted via eshot”.

The Contact at Work? field has also been set to No by default for Candidates.

For options on sending Eshots , please see the article:

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