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AWR Client Rates on Temp & Contract Jobs
AWR Client Rates on Temp & Contract Jobs

Using Pre and Post AWR rates.

Written by Jackie Read
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To remain compliant with the AWR, Agencies need to ensure that once the 12-week qualifying period has been met, an agency workers basic pay and conditions are the same as a directly employed member of staff. The Adapt system can:

  • Store Pre- and Post- qualifying rates against a client, vacancy and assignment.

  • Apply the new rates once the qualifying period has been achieved.

  • When timesheets are entered in Adapt, ensure that the rates are correctly applied even where this occurs mid pay period.

When creating Client Rates on Temporary and Contract Jobs , users should complete both the Pre AWR and Post AWR Rates.

Please note that the Pre-AWR Rate will apply for the first 12 weeks whilst the Agency Worker is not AWR qualified. If the number of working weeks on the AWR clock is greater than 12 weeks, then the Post AWR Rate will apply.  


  • Contract Rates are recorded on the Rates and Payroll page of a Contract Job.

  • Temp Shift rates are recorded using Rate Matrices and Frameworks. Please refer to the How to Create Rate Matrices article for detail on how to create Temp Shift rates.

Note: If you know the AWR rates before booking someone into a Job, please update them on the Job record as above. If you find out after booking, please update them on the Assignment record.

Users will need to ensure the pay and charge rates are regularly checked and if required, updated within the system, for AWR compliance.

Rate Changes within the AWR Qualification Period

Any Post AWR rate changes are only applied once the Agency Worker has completed more than 12 weeks in the same role with the same hirer.

A Post AWR rate may be updated whilst a worker is accruing their AWR qualification time. However it won't be applied until their clock has logged more than 12 weeks and the worker is post AWR qualified..

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