Client Structure and AWR

Creating a Company Structure for AWR purposes.

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For AWR purposes it is imperative that the client structure is set out correctly within Adapt. This is because the AWR clocks accrue time based on the same role and same 'hirer' (a client).

A “hirer” (Company) must be a legal entity. Where there is a company structure, users will need to ensure that the Client record from where the Job vacancy is created, is linked to the Client record containing the company registration number. This will ensure the the 'higher' Client will be the 'hirer'.
If no company registration number exists on the Client record of the Job, Adapt will search within the hierarchy (if there is one) to find a company registration number. If one is found, the related Client will be used as the 'hirer'. If no Company registration number is found then Adapt will use the current Client record as the 'hirer'. 


Using this company structure, a Job vacancy for a Store Manager is created at the Worthing Store for Washing Machines Direct. Users must ensure that the Washing Machines Direct record contains a company registration number, if it is to be used as the “Hirer”: 

Scenario based guidance:

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