AWR Request for Information

How to log a Candidate request for AWR information. How to log a response to the AWR request for info. Storing facilities & comparator info.

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A placed Temp or Contractor may request information covered by the AWR, such as rate details or benefits. Users should log the request within the system and show their response to the request.

  • From the AWR page of a Candidate record, select the Request Received button.

  • Complete the relevant details. Please note that the Request Type field is mandatory. The definitions are as follows:

  1. Day 1 -  This request type relates to facilities information. For instance “do I have access to the Staff Canteen?” 

  2. Rate -  This request type relates to Rate comparator information. For instance“what is the normal rate of pay at ABC Client for a Data Entry Clerk” 

  • Click on Confirm. The request will be logged and displayed within the AWR page:

To access the request record, click onto the ID hyperlink. 

Responding to an AWR Information Request

Please note that AWR monitoring can now be switched off for Temp Regular and Contract Jobs. Please see the relevant article for further details:

Responding to an AWR Request

Users will need to log responses to all AWR Information Requests from Candidates.  

To log a response:

  • From the AWR page of a Candidate record, select the relevant AWR Request and click on the Send Response button.

  • Complete the relevant details and click Confirm.

Please note that users can also use the AWR Studio (Pending AWR Requests widget) and and respond using the envelope button.

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