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AWR Recording unavailability for Agency Workers
AWR Recording unavailability for Agency Workers

Recording breaks - logging & amending unavailability of agency workers for AWR purposes.

Written by Jackie Read
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Recording Breaks

The AWR directive states that the temporary worker's Agency will need to accurately record breaks (unavailability) by the Agency Worker. The Adapt Unavailability workflow records the date and reason for the unavailability. Find this on the Availability page within a Candidate record:

To record the unavailability of a Candidate:

  • Select the Log Unavailability button.

  • Fill out the relevant details and the reason for the unavailability.

  • Click Confirm.

Note: If the reason for the unavailability is entered as Sickness Absence and the Candidate has shifts booked, the user will be warned to refill the shifts with a suitable replacement, if necessary:

All unavailability records are displayed on the Availability page of the Candidate. To access any of them, click on the associated hyperlink.

Once the Unavailability action has completed, it will be picked up by the overnight AWR Qualifying period calculations batch schedule, which will check to see if there is an impact on the AWR Clock.
Different Unavailability Reasons affect the AWR clock in different ways. Once the AWR clock has started accruing, certain circumstances can cause the clock to pause, reset to 0 or continue. Below is a list of scenarios and how they affect the AWR clock:

If unavailability changes, users can amend the Unavailability records.

  • Select the Unavailability record to amend.

  • Click onto the Amend Unavailability button.

  • Complete the relevant details.

  • Click Confirm.

The amended unavailability record will appear within the Availability page. The Agency Workers AWR clock will be updated.

AWR Clocks reset to 0

If an agency worker's AWR clock has been reset to 0 by the system, then it is not possible to restart that particular clock. Users should close the job, noting that it is being closed as the AWR clock has been reset. A new Job record should be created and the Booking and Check in workflows run.

Unbook a shift or make the Candidate Unavailable?

Users will need to decide whether to log Unavailability or Unbook a Candidate, based on the following:

Unbook - This workflow is run from the Assignment. Users need to select a shift record from future days working. Run this action if the Candidate is to be removed from a shift and replaced with another Candidate. Users can choose to make the Candidate unavailable from this workflow.

Unavailability - This workflow is run from the Candidates ‘Availability’ page. Run this action to record details of dates that the Candidate is unavailable. The reason selected for the unavailability affects the Candidates AWR clock. Users can also select which assignments the unavailability affects.

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