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Changing the Ownership of Records
Changing the Ownership of Records

How to change the Owning Consultant, Team, Office or Region in Adapt.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

There is the option to change the Owning Consultant when creating a Contact, Client or Candidate in Adapt. The system currently defaults the logged in user as the owning consultant. Users can change this before creating the record:

If a record has already been added to the system that no longer belongs to the allocated Consultant, Team, Office, or Region, record ownership can be updated by running the Change Consultant, Change Team, Change Office or Change Region workflow from the relevant record.

These are found in the Activities menu (under General) of all Candidate, Contact, Client, Job and Assignment records:

In this example, select the New Owning Office and add notes if required. Select ‘Confirm’ to complete.

Note: The ‘Update Owning Region’ box will update the Region above the Office at the same time, if ticked.

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