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Saved Search Results - Batch menu
Saved Search Results - Batch menu

What batch functions are available for search results?

Written by Jackie Read
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The Batch menu options in search results allows users to run activities against multiple records rather than individual records.
Before Batch functions can be run, users must have a relevant set of search results in their Saved Results list. Remember to reformat the results of the search to ensure that appropriate records are used.

From the Saved Results Tab, select a search and use the Activities menu, Batch option:

Or within a set of search results, tick the relevant result(s) or use Select all:

then and click on the Batch menu:

Note: When in a search results screen, the available batch options vary according to which record search was run.

Batch SMS Messaging from Adapt

There are two options from the Batch menu depending of whether the search results containing Contact or Candidate records.

To use this option, a subscription must be in place with a 3rd party SMS provider. If you are unsure, please check with your Erecruit Representative.

Select the results required, then select the Send SMS batch option. There is a selection of standard SMS templates although users can amend or type in additional text, up to 160 characters in length.

SMS Message Templates:

  • SMS1: Please could you contact me as soon as possible?

  • SMS2: Confirmation text that your details are now recorded on our system.

  • SMS3: Have your details changed recently? If so could you get in contact?

  • SMS4: I have a great opportunity that I would like to discuss, please could you give me a call?

  • SMSRA: Hi, please could you let me know if you are available to work from dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yy. If you are already in a booking please ignore this text.  Note: This text is used to batch check Candidate's availability.

MailShots and Eshots

From a set of saved results, select the records to mail or eshot. 

  • Select ‘Batch’ then ‘Candidate Mailshot’ or ‘Contact Mailshot’ to produce letters, or ‘Candidate Eshot’ or ‘Contact Eshot’ to produce emails:

Tip: If the option of E-shots is selected, use the Formatter Tool option to check that all records contain email addresses.

  • Select the Mailshot or Eshot to run. A new window will open allowing the user to select a Template:

Please note that the content of these standard templates can be altered by your Erecruit representative or by your System Administrator. 

  • Enter the required text into the Body Text section e.g. “Details of the venue are attached”. This is the text that will be displayed between between ‘Dear’ and ‘Yours Sincerely’ of a letter, or 'Hi' and 'consultant signature' of an email for example.

  • Add any documents to be attached as required and click Confirm.

  • Eshots can be previewed before sending using the Preview button before clicking Send.

  • Mailshots can be viewed and printed by double clicking the document from the Candidate Mailshot Document window:

  • Once run, Adapt saves a  batch Eshot as a record and any documents sent as attachments to the Eshot are stored against this record, rather than on the Journal. The batch record will show the status of the Eshot and enable the user to view the template and any attachments sent. A failed report will also be stored here if there are any invalid recipients. Direct links to all the records emailed are available under ‘Linked Persons’. 

  • The Journal record will show a batch eshot has been run with a link to the batch eshot record:

  • Any batch Mailshots which have been run will be saved in the Journal record under Mail Shot Sent  with a link to the letter sent:

For details on the different options available for sending eshots in Adapt, please see the Options for Sending Eshots article.

Request Availability

Recruiters can Batch email request Candidate's availability from a set of search results.

Choose the job and any unfilled shifts will be displayed. Tick those required, select send docs by email and click confirm. Alternatively, input a date range to check availability. All candidates with their Request Availability and Eshot or SMS fields set to Yes will be emailed.

An error report will be generated showing any failures to send, for example:

  • The email could not be sent to the following Candidates because they do not wish to be contacted via Eshot

  • The request availability could not be sent to the following Candidates because they have Request Availability set to “No”

  • The email could not be sent to the following Candidates because they do not have email addresses on file.

Add Journal Entry

The Add Journal Entry batch option adds a Journal note to all records within the Search Result.

It is useful for adding notes about a general topic or for recording notes about changes to incorrect actions:

Acknowledge CV

The Acknowledge CV batch option will send an email or letter acknowledging receipt of the CV to all Candidates selected within the search results.

Select the Template to use:

  • Confirmation – Email

  • Confirmation – Letter

  • No Jobs – Keep on File – Email

  • No Jobs – Keep on File – Letter

Choose the Send Docs By option, add an Email Subject if required and click Confirm.

Assign Task

The Assign Task batch option creates a task in the Task List against each of the records selected within the search result.

  • Enter a Subject that describes the Task.

  • Enter a Start and Due Date.

  • Set a Priority level.

  • Enter any additional notes required in the window. If a reminder is required, please ensure that the Alarm ON? field is ticked and the Alarm Date and Time is set.

Notify Candidates

The Notify Candidates batch action allows a consultant to notify Candidates about a particular Job. Users can select a whether to send the message by Post or Email.

  • Select the relevant Job and add any additional text to the template. (Note - the text will appear as the body text of the email or letter).

  • Select the method of sending the documentation within the Send Docs By field.

  • Use ‘Preview to check the message and layout before selecting ‘Send’. Note - If choosing to send by letter, the letters can be printed using the batch option Print Batch Documents.

Send CVs to/from multiple Contacts/Candidates

Users can send CVs from multiple Candidates to their Contact, using the Send CVs from Multiple Candidates batch option:

  • Select the Contact to whom the CV’s are being sent.

  • Select the CV Type (Tip – Reformat the results to ensure that the selected Candidates all have a CV in the class that has been selected).

  • Choose the appropriate option in the Send Docs By field. Only complete the Email Subject field if required. 

  • Users can also add a terms of business document if required. Tip – The terms of business documents are held in the Office record under the administrator profile. Please ask your Erecruit representative to save these for you.

  • Use ‘Preview to check the message and layout before clicking ‘Send’.

The Send CV to Multiple Contacts works in a similar way:

  • Select the relevant Candidate. 

  • Select the CV Type (Tip – reformat the results to check that the Candidate has a CV in the class which has been selected).

  • Choose Send Docs By.

  • Add an Email Subject if required.

  • Add a terms of business document if required.

  • Use ‘Preview to check the message and layout before clicking ‘Send’.

Longlist / Shortlist

The batch Longlist and Shortlist options will short or long list the selected Candidates to a Job. 

  • Select the Job against which the Candidates will be Shortlisted.

  • Choose Send Docs By if users wish to inform Candidates they are being shortlisted.

  • Click OK.

  • The Job record will be updated with the short/long listed Candidates.

Shortlist Jobs

The Shortlist Jobs batch option will shortlist one Candidate to multiple Jobs

  • Select the relevant Candidate. 

  • Choose Send Docs By or No Docs.

  • Add an Email Subject if required.

  • Click Confirm.

The Job records will be updated with the shortlisted Candidate.

Create Contact or Candidate Labels

The Create Labels batch option is used to create (envelope) labels for printing, for mass Mail Shots.

  • Using either a Candidate or Contact set of search results, select the relevant search results then select appropriate batch option.

  • Click Continue

The labels can be printed using the batch option Print Batch Documents.

The Print Batch Documents batch option acts as a mailbox that holds all the batch letters and envelopes the user generated, ready for printing. 

  • Select the relevant letters/labels and click Confirm to print.

Web Recruit batch options

The Update Web Recruit Details batch option allows users to send an email to Web Recruit users to ascertain whether their details are still correct. Please note that the Candidate must have a Web Recruit Login created in order for this batch action to run correctly.

  • Select the relevant Candidates before selecting the batch option. 

  • Enter any relevant Journal notes.

  • The Candidates will be sent an email requesting an update to their details stored within Web Recruit.

The Send Web Recruit Login batch option allows users to email Candidates their Username and Password for the Web Recruit module. Note - the selected search results must contain Candidate records.

  • Select the relevant Candidates before selecting the batch option.

  • Select the Login type. This is the type of Login being used,e.g. Candidate or Client.

  • Click Confirm.

  • A confirmation message will be displayed. The Candidate / Client will be sent their logon details.

Email Timesheets / Batch Timesheets

The Email Timesheets batch option allows users to email Timesheets to Temps for a particular Assignment. Note - the selected Search Results for this batch workflow must contain Assignment records.

  • Select the relevant Assignment(s) before selecting the batch option.

  • Enter in the date range for the Timesheets you wish to send. 

  • Click Confirm

The Batch Timesheets batch option allows users to create and review Temp Shift timesheets, amending and confirming as necessary. Premiums can be added and hours adjusted if required. There is also the option to ‘skip’ unconfirmed timesheets.

The Link Clients to Framework batch option allows users to bulk link clients to a framework from a set of Client search results. 

  • Select the relevant results, then select the relevant Framework.

  • Users have the option of applying the Framework RTD to the Client records.

  • Click Confirm


The Payrun has been designed to extract Client and Contact information from a set of timesheet records. It then exports the results to an excel CSV file which can be sent to an external payroll provider.

Note: The payrun file's location can be defined in the Administrator login. Please contact your Erecruit representative to set up the relevant payrun provider.

  • From a set of timesheet Search results, select the relevant records then select ‘Batch’ and ‘Payrun’. 

  • The payrun will complete with a message:

  • To view the files created by the payrun, click onto the Searches ‘Home’ tab. 

  • Select ‘Payroll Run’ from the Role selection tree and enter the payrun number above, then click Find:  

Click on the Payrun No hyperlink to view the files within the payroll record, as shown below:

Consolidated Time Report

This report can be run for all selected records from the Time Entry Search results for that week. It will create reports to be emailed to each Client Contact, with a summary of their workers for that week broken down by Job then by Contact. The Client can then make any necessary changes, sign it and send back to the agency for processing.

  • Select the records, then use ‘Batch’, ‘Consolidated Time Report’:

  • Each client report can be viewed by double clicking the Word document, and the covering email can be previewed by using the ‘Preview’ button. Click ‘Send’ to email the reports out.

Export Candidates / Contacts to MailChimp

These batch options are for Clients who have the Mailchimp integration set up with Adapt.

If the integration is set up, the user will be able to select their Mailchimp list from the drop down menu.

To export the search results to the list selected, the user just needs to select the ‘Export Candidates/Contacts to Mailchimp’ batch option, and Adapt will do the rest in the background.

When the user checks Mailchimp again, they will see that the contacts in the Adapt search result selected, now appear in the relevant list.

Please see the Adapt MailChimp Integration User Guide for more information.

Candidates/Contacts Consent/Permission Request

The GDPR Consent/Permission Request workflow can be run in Batch for multiple Candidates or Contacts from Contact or Candidate saved search results, and from the Consent Dashboard studio.
This workflow enables users to request consent from individuals and/or send privacy information.
Please see the GDPR article on Using the Consent Approach in Adapt for more information.

AWR benefits notification

  • Run the Assignment search and save the results. Reformat and refine as necessary.

  • Select the set of search result(s) required and click on Batch and AWR Benefits Notification.

  • Select the method to send the documents:

  • Enter a subject for the email/letter. Please note that the subject will appear on the email or letter to both the Agency Worker and the Hirer.

  • Click Confirm and an email or letter will be generated to both the Agency Worker and the Hirer advising them that this placement is about to reach AWR qualification and that they will be eligible for AWR benefits.

  • A Batch record will be created when this activity is run. It will list all linked Candidates and attach the email templates sent and any failure reports. Each Candidate Journal will show a link to this batch record.

Note: The AWR benefits notification batch activity no longer includes past assignments and can no longer be run if an assignment has already been notified of AWR Qualification.

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