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Saved Search Results - Options menu
Saved Search Results - Options menu

How to highlight, remove, add, print, export and save results. Plus, view Candidate availability, make searches active and preview entities.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Select a saved search result to display the Search Results screen will display:

Within the search results users can highlight, remove, add, print and export results plus view Candidate availability. Searches can also be scheduled to re-run periodically by using the Make Active function.
Reformatting Search Results is covered in a separate topic.

Entity Preview

Users can view information from the Profile page within a Candidate record, using the Entity Preview pane. The Entity Preview can be switched on or off.
To enable the Entity Preview pane click the “On” button at the top right-hand side of the screen. The Document, Entity and Journal preview tabs will display at the bottom of the screen.

Populate the preview panes with the search result information by clicking next to each record detail within the search results summary screen at the top. Please note that clicking on the record name or ID will not work as this action is used to open the record for the user.

To view the Candidates CV, click on the Document Preview Tab. Use the arrow tabs to tab through each CV in the set of search results.

Note: If viewing a set of results form a Document Search, click the Next and Previous buttons to view matches to the search criteria entered.

Switching the Entity Preview Pane Off

In order to switch the Preview Pane off, click the ‘Off’ button. The Preview Pane and Document Preview Panes will disappear. In order to view the Candidates CV, click on the Document Preview Tab. The Candidates CV will be displayed. Click the Next and Previous buttons to view the matches to the search criteria (if a Document Search was used).

Viewing Records

To open a record, click on the name of a record. At the top of the record there are forward and back arrows that allow users to navigate from one record to the next. To return to the Search Results page click on the Search Results link:

Highlighting and Unhighlighting Results

Users can highlight a search result or results with a number of colours. Within the search results screen, tick the result(s) to highlight. Select Options, Highlight Entity and choose from the Colour Picker window:

The results are now highlighted:

To unhighlight results which have previously been highlighted, tick the result(s) to unhighlight then click on Options, Unhighlight Entities.

Users can highlight a result or results with a number of colours.

Removing and Adding Results

After viewing records from the results, users may decide to remove certain records. There are two ways of removing results from the search results.

Lose Entities: 

Tick the result(s) to remove. Click onto Options, then select Lose Entities. The selected results are now removed from the Search Results. (Note: They have not been been deleted from Adapt). 

Keep Entities: 

Tick the result(s) to keep. Click onto Options then select Keep Entities. All the results that were 'unticked' have been removed from the Search Results, leaving only those which were ticked.

Adding Entities to Search Results

Users can add additional records to the set of Search Results if required. 

Click onto Options the select Add Entities to Results (highlighted in blue above). The Quickfind window will open with the Role Selection Tree. Tick the appropriate Role(s) and Quickfind as usual.

From the Quickfind results, click on the record name and it will be added to the search. If the record already exists in the Search Results, a message will pop up to advise the user and the record will not be added.

Note: You can only add records of the same type to the search.

Printing Results

To print search results, tick the result(s) to print then click onto Options and select Print Me. The Print Preview window will open. Click Print, then Close to close the window. 

Exporting Results as CSV

To export Search Results as a CSV file in Excel:

Tick the result(s) to export and click onto Options then select Export as CSV. Click Save then Open to view your excel spreadsheet displaying the results ready for formatting.

**Please note that certain types of anti-virus programs may check whether you would like to open or save the file created, before it is opened**. 

Viewing Candidate Availability

Users can view Candidate availability by selecting Show Availability within Options. The Availability Calendar, will be displayed.

If the Candidate is unavailable the appropriate colour is displayed, as per the key in the middle of the screen.

There are options to look at candidate availability by different time frames. To access these options, click on Pick the View:

Goto Date: gives a Calendar pop up which allows users to choose a particular date to view:

Daily View: gives the availability for today: 

Weekly View: gives the availability for this week:

Monthly View: gives availability for this month:

To view exactly what a Candidate is doing click on the coloured block and a description of the activity can be viewed. To get back to the normal results view click on Options, Show Results.

Make Active

Active searching is the ability to select a search or searches to be re-run periodically. Any new records which have subsequently been added to the system, and match your search criteria, will be displayed.  

In order to make a search 'Active':

  • Place a tick next to the search you would like to make active. 

  • Click onto Options then click onto Make Active. Select the period for the re-run and whether you would like to receive notification when the search has found new results. Note: The minimum re-run time is 30 minutes. The search will remain active until it is de-activated.

  • Click Apply.

  • Open the Saved Results tab. The search will be shown as 'Active' and the system will display when the search was last run.  

Any new results found using the active search function will be highlighted within the original search.

To deactivate a search, place a tick next to the search you would like de-activated. Click onto Options then Deactivate. The system will remove the 'Y' from the Active column and the search will no longer be active.

Save Selected As

Users can select results from one search and save them in a separate search. For instance, if a Candidate search has been run and some particularly skilled Candidates have been found, these Candidates can be saved to a separate search.

Place a tick next to the records to save in a separate search. Click onto Options then click onto Save Selected As. Enter a new search name and Save Results. Go into Saved Results and the newly created search will be displayed. 

Batch Menu within Search Results

Users can run selected batch actions from within the search results.

Select the result(s) you would like to run a batch process for. Click onto Batch and select the batch process to run.
Please note the batch processes are covered in more detail in the Saved Search Results - Batch menu section. 

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