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Pay Between Assignment Workers
Pay Between Assignment Workers

How to monitor Candidates who are exempt from AWR due to “Pay between Assignments”.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Any agency workers that have a 'Pay between assignments contract'
are employees of the agency and their rights are slightly different to those of other agency workers.

Pay between Assignment workers do not qualify for post AWR pay rates, but they will receive some of the AWR related benefits, namely:

  • Duration of working time

  • Night work

  • Rest periods

  • Rest breaks

  • Annual Leave 

Users must ensure that workers who are on this type of contract are correctly categorised within Adapt. When creating the new Candidate, set the AWR Exempt field to Yes and the reason for exemption to Pay between Assignments.

When a worker who has a Pay between Assignments exemption is placed into a Temporary or Contract Vacancy, an AWR clock is created.  The AWR clock will accrue time unless unavailability is logged.

AWR Benefit uplift for "Pay between Assignment" contracts 

Once the worker has reached 12 weeks on their AWR clock, they become AWR qualified and only Post AWR benefits apply.  

To search for workers who are near to their 12-week qualification period:

Run an Assignment Search with the following criteria:

  • AWR Qualifying weeks = 11

  • AWR Exempt field = Yes 

  • AWR Reason = Pay between Assignments

  • Run the search and save the results. Reformat and refine as necessary.

  • Select the set of search result(s) required and click onto Batch and AWR Benefits Notification.

  • Select the method to send the documents:

  • Enter a subject for the email / letter. Please note that the subject will appear on the email or letter to both the Agency Worker and the Hirer. 

  • Click Confirm and an email or letter will be generated to both the Agency Worker and the Hirer advising them that this placement is about to reach AWR qualification and that they will be eligible for AWR benefits.

  • A Batch record will be created when this activity is run. It will list all linked Candidates and attach the email templates sent and any failure reports. Each Candidate Journal will show a link to this batch record.

    Note: The AWR benefits notification batch activity no longer includes past assignments and can no longer be run if an assignment has already been notified of AWR Qualification.

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