Once an Agency worker is AWR qualified, the Post AWR rates will apply. To capture which Agency Workers are eligible for the Post AWR rate, users can run a search for all placements that have accumulated a specific number of qualifying weeks.

From the Saved Results, a batch workflow can be run to send out notifications (via email or letter) advising the Agency Worker and Hirer that a rate uplift to Post AWR rates will be applied. 

To run the workflow:

  • Run an Assignment Search specifying the number of Qualifying weeks. Our example search shows 10 weeks: 
  • Run the search and save the results. Reformat and refine as necessary.
  • Select the set of search result(s) required and click onto Batch and AWR Benefits Notification.
  • Select the method to send the documents:
  • Enter a subject for the email / letter. Please note that the subject will appear on the email or letter to both the Agency Worker and the Hirer. 
  • Click Confirm and an email or letter will be generated to both the Agency Worker and the Hirer advising them that this placement is about to reach AWR qualification and that they will be eligible for AWR benefits.

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