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Adapt Hardware & Software requirements for a Windows PC
Adapt Hardware & Software requirements for a Windows PC

What do I need to have on my PC for my Adapt system to work? How to install ADA - Adapt Desktop Agent for windows.

Written by Jackie Read
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Hardware Requirements

The workstation should be of a modern specification, capable of running Microsoft Office and the operating system without significant problems. 

Supported operating systems are Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10. 

Depending on other applications running, 4GB RAM as a minimum is generally advised in Windows machines. 

Software Requirements

The following software must be installed to use Adapt and its features:

  • Desktop versions of Microsoft Word and Excel (2013, 2016, 2019 or 2021. 32bit or 64bit versions). (Please Note Office 365 Web Application versions of Word and Excel are not currently supported for use with Adapt).

Email Clients

Adapt uses an email Client to support external email integration and Adapt add-ins. Users need to have one of the following email accounts to integrate:

  • A desktop version of Microsoft Outlook (2013, 2016, 2019 or 2021) 

  • Gmail (using a Chrome browser)

  • An Office365 subscription that includes ‘Exchange Online’ (Microsoft subscriptions are required for this). Accounts that currently comply are:

  1. Office365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E5

  2. Office365 Business Essentials

  3. Office365 Business Premium

However please note that Office365 Business Essentials and Office365 Enterprise E1 do not include desktop versions of word and excel.

Internet Browser Requirements

Adapt is currently supported on the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox - we recommend installing the latest version available.

  • Google Chrome - we recommend installing the latest version available.

We recommend that toolbars such as Google are disabled. The reason for this is that these toolbars have their own pop-up blockers and may cause conflicts with Adapt.

Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Virtual desktop is supported, subject to the same requirements as a physical Windows Workstation (detailed above).

Select the relevant section according to which browser you will be using for Adapt.


Any pop-up blocker installed must be set to allow pop-ups generated by the website used to access Adapt. 

If the user does not have administrator user permissions to their own PC, we may need to request that certain folders relating to the user’s Windows profile are modified to allow write access. 

The address used to access Adapt should be added to the trusted sites within the browser. 

For performance and stability reasons, any anti-virus software present should be set so it does not attempt to scan the website through which Adapt is accessed, nor the plug-in folders it uses. Normally, such software includes a “white list” or “safe site” function for this purpose. For further guidance on this point, please speak to Adapt Support. 

If a proxy server is in use within the network, we would strongly suggest modifications are made to allow users to bypass the proxy when accessing Adapt. Most proxy servers, whilst performing their function, will slow down access to any website. 

Installing ADA

On the first login to Adapt, users will need to ensure ADA is installed. The ADA (Adapt Desktop Agent) is a program designed to manage the integration with the user’s desktop word processor and email. It is installed and updated automatically from within Adapt. When logging into Adapt, a prompt will appear if Adapt notices that the ADA is not installed and will provide the option to download and install it.

  • Select ‘Install Adapt Desktop Agent’:

  • Select ‘Download for Windows’. The installation instructions will appear telling the user to ‘Save’ the ADA then once downloaded to ‘Run’ the installation.

When complete, your browser should be restarted in order for the ADA settings to be correctly applied.

The first time a user logins to Adapt, the following message will appear:

Always select ‘Allow’ and continue as normal.

Note: To stop receiving this message on each login, untick the box alongside ‘Always ask before opening this type of address’.

HTTPS Protocol

If your organisation uses HTTPS protocol, the first time the ADA runs it will need to install a self-certified certificate to allow it to communicate with Adapt in the browser. You will be presented with a dialogue box, similar to the one shown here. You will need to accept this to allow ADA to work.

If you are using Adapt for the first time, please call Adapt Support.

If you have access to Support Services, please ensure your nominated support contact logs any issues directly, by calling Support Services on 01903 707007.

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