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What do the AWR fields mean when booking jobs in Adapt and when should I use them?

Written by Jackie Read
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AWR Exempt
Definition -  This means 'Is the Worker exempt from AWR for the duration of this booking?'
- The AWR Clock does not start within the system for this particular booking if exempt. Note: It will start for the reason 'Pay between Assignments' as certain benefits will be available for these workers after qualification.

Reason for exemption
Definition - A reason why the worker is exempt from AWR e.g. 'Genuinely Self-Employed'.

Hiring Entity
Definition - This is the Company record that the Job is associated with. The Hirer will have its own legal entity which usually has a Company Registration number and which books workers through a Temporary Workers Agency.
Impact -  An Agency worker can qualify for AWR rights after 12 weeks in the same role for the same hirer.  

Primary Job Category
Definition - This is the Job Category associated with the Role.
Impact - An Agency worker can qualify for AWR rights after 12 weeks in the same role (primary job category) for the same hirer. 

Has worked for same Client?
Definition -
Has the Temp who is being booked into the Job worked for the same client within the last 6 weeks?
Impact -  Users will need to ensure that the correct information is entered as this impacts on the AWR clock.

Accumulated Qualifying Weeks
Definition - The number of weeks the Temp has worked at the client previously.
Impact - The AWR clock does not start from 0 but from the number of qualifying weeks entered if the Verified? field has been set to 'Yes'. 

Definition -  Has the information for the “Has worked for same Client?” and “Accumulated Qualifying Weeks” been verified from the Client?
Impact - The 'Accumulated Qualifying Weeks' will only be included in the clock calculations if the Verified? field has been set to Yes.  

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